St Barts Shell Beach

St Barts Shell Beach, also called Grande Galet, is easily the most popular and frequented beach within close distance of Gustavia. To see it from above, it may not appear as impressive as many of the other island beaches, but it suits a specific purpose. This beach near Gustavia is one of the town’s best attractions. Many visitors and cruise passengers head over to inspect the bounty of shells washed up over the coastline. More shells than sand, this beach is bevy of unique shells and conchs that are constantly changing and evolving the shoreline.

St Barts Shell Beach is a small crescent-shaped beach, and the only one in Gustavia, skirting several villas and St Barts hotels spreading out to form the local Gustavia community. Famous Eden Rock is only a few minutes away. The cove is very calm and great for those getting out to snorkel, swim, and sunbathe. The views are unique too, featuring distant scenes of the islands Saba and Statia. During the winter months, when many beaches experience conditions too rough for swimming, this beach near Gustavia is ideal, with a calm bay uninterrupted by strong winds. Watching evening sunsets is a favorite pastime on Shell Beach aside from the obvious shell collecting. Another one of the popular things to do is cliff dive.

With plenty of vacation rentals surrounding this small, pretty beach, and a deluge of restaurants and shopping areas within walking distance, many choose vacation rentals in this port-side location. North of the beach is Corossol, a small fishing village known for quichenotte, which are traditional island bonnets, and handicrafts like their elaborate woven baskets. An incredible shell collection is open to the public at the Inter-Oceans Museum. On most weekends at this beach near Gustavia, there is some type of festive celebration or another going on.

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