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St Barts hotels are exclusive and small. There are no high rise hotels in St. Barts. Not one. As mandated by the government, no accommodations have more than twelve rooms. This keeps the island feeling quaint and stylish, even if it is a bit more of a hassle than other Caribbean islands. The other thing you'll find noticeably absent are St Barts resorts. There aren't any of those either. This imbues the island with more of a European flair – the chic French fashions and elegant Creole cuisine help too. While many St. Barts hotels are impressive enough to hold their own with the resorts of other islands, villas are really the most popular option here.

Of course, on St. Barts the classification of "villa" is an ambiguous term. Some are tiny cottages, other are ultra-modern condominiums. But you what you won't find from St. Barts villas are beach front property. There are a few, though – you can find a large number of properties through the Wimco company. Like most St Barts villa rental companies, they are owned and operated stateside. Whether you choose a simple bungalow or a far more luxurious space, you will never be far from the beach on this tiny island. But with the hilly landscape and dearth of taxis on the island, if you are staying in one of St Barts villas, a rental car is an absolute necessity.

The hotels in St Barts are really the most convenient and impressive lodging option. Here you can find places to stay right on the beach – equipped with marble baths, private decks and adjacent spas, these hotels redefine comfort for many visitors. And there is certainly no shortage of them either. St Barts beach hotels will run you a high price, though, which is why they are less popular than the island's villas. That being said, though, the difference is tangible, and for many tourists, well worth the extra cash.

To say that the hotels in St Barts are obsessed with luxury would still be an understatement. The list of immaculate hotels on the island's beaches goes on and on and on. The area surrounding St Jean is the main place to stay on the island, but most of the northern coast has myriad fine St Barts hotels. Les Ilets de la plage has elegant beachside bungalows, while the boutique Hotel le Village St Jean (pictured) are the most popular in the St Jean area. The Grand Cul de Sac is where you'll find many of the most famous hotels in St Barts. The Hotel Guanahani and La Paillote are both here, but the real jewel is the St Barts Beach Hotel. A bit of a discount for the island, this hotel is immensely popular with visiting French, who should know their island as well as any.

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