St Jean St Barts

St Jean St Barts is the best-known and most visited of all beaches on the island. St Jean Beach is found on the island’s north shore, an area flooded with natural beauty. Bars, restaurants, cafes, and shops also line the beachfront creating an exciting backdrop filled with lively spots to stop for a break. Snorkeling and diving are two of the best activities to pursue on St Jean Beach. Snorkeling is easily done along the shoreline while plenty of outfitters offer diving and fishing tours.

St Jean St Barts is definitely one of the best beaches for the incredible access to the best of St Barts. On the smaller beach side, the water is calm and clear, attracting most of the families staying nearby. Swimming and sailing conditions are prime. A jaunt off the beach reveals some of the island’s best tourist infrastructure, where shopping can easily take beach lovers within a block away from the shore, even if just for a short time.

The airport is a very short distance away as well, and from the larger side of the beach, watching planes landing and departing from the tiny landing strip is common. This is the side where most St Barts hotels are while the smaller side is home to a large smattering of villas, cottages, and bungalows both beachfront and throughout the hillside.

The most famous option for lodging near St Jean Beach is Eden Rock, an exclusive resort built onto an island outcropping surrounded by azure sea. Eden Rock welcomes high-profile clients and, though it does have one of the best restaurants on the island, the sky-high menu prices keep clientele to a select minimum. Two suites, two villas, two deluxe cottages, and twenty-one beach bungalows are part of Emeraude Plage, another of the top choices for those seeking lodging near St Jean Beach. The hotel relays modern design with abundant clean lines and colors comprising each unit. With a beachfront location and verdant gardens encasing the entire layout, this hotel is a great find in the lively St Jean St Barts area. Most of the highest profile restaurants, are also located on St Jean Beach, but there are many affordable dining options to try too.

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