Things to do in St Barts

Things to do in St Barts pertaining to the clear sea are some of the most popular day-time activities available. St Barts attractions range so greatly, from satiating in epicurean delights (like world-class dining), to exploring the harbor to discovering top-name designers and artists, there is little time to sit idle unless that’s the focus. Idleness is easily accommodated by luxury spas and facilities spotlighting intently on well being, but to truly experience the best St Barts tourist attractions, a closer look around the island is ideal.

Snorkeling and Diving

Exploring the variety of snorkeling and diving spots is an extremely gratifying experience. Colombier Beach, Petit de Anse, and Lorient Beach are three of the best places to explore offshore. Sea turtles, barracudas, parrot fish, and tons of coral are the reward when enjoying these two famous St Barts tourist attractions.


Silky-soft white sand beaches are the most attractive part of St Barts. Many of them are still in a surprisingly natural state. From topless and nude beaches like Saline Beach to lively beach strips filled with restaurants and villas like St Jean, the sandy shores of St Barts are as diverse as the dining options.


One of most elite vacation spots in the world does not come without its share of high-profile designer shops. The latest fashions are always available and the variety if exceptional. Gustavia is the best place on St Barts to get your fill of upscale boutiques where as St Jean Beach attracts those on a budget slightly more humble.


The main port of Gustavia is action packed, pretty, and worthy of exploring. Shopping and dining are the main things to do in St Barts around the port. A select number of top-notch St Barts hotels are located here while the nearby beaches are in a class of their very own and definitely the best St barts attractions in the area.


Tuna, marlin, sailfish, and more might end up on your hook when fishing around the waters of St Barts. Hiring a fishing guide is one way to do it. Rent your own yacht and spend a few days on the water experiencing one of the main St Barts tourist attractions. Or, find a modest dinghy or dock and enjoy some offshore fishing for the afternoon.


Most St Barts tourists are tightly focused on living the pampered life. For them, island tours are the way enjoy all the things to do in St Barts in one day and arrive comfortably back at the villa just in time for cocktails and dinner. Island tours offer a comprehensive look at the best of St Barts, including the port, the coast, galleries and museums, and historic island sites.

Toiny Coast

Hiking along this rough, raw and wild coastline is likely the best way to get a glimpse of the island’s true natural essence. The footpath exhibits wild oleander, fragrant bougainvillea, and towering coconut palms, but best of all, it offers million-dollar views most luxury villas don’t have. Toiny Coast is by far one of the most stunning of all natural St Barts attractions.


The island town of Lorient is the first town discovered by French settlers in the nineteenth century. The historic Catholic church is a great example of old island architecture. Walking tours of Lorient explore more points of interest including the old post office, two flower-laden cemeteries, and even some great shops.


The three main museums are St Barts attractions conveying more about island history and culture. Inter Oceans Museum showcases more than 8,500 shells from all over the world. Wall House Museum is a testament to the Swedes occupying St Barts from 1785 through 1878. History and culture is revealed at the St. Barth Municipal Museum through photographs, documents and artifacts.


There is simply no way to ignore how popular sailing is in St Barts. The island is a major stop for Caribbean sailors. Wealthy rent or charter private mega-yachts for sunset sails, sunbathing, and swimming. Head to the harbor and choose from a variety of sizes and price points and head out on the water and enjoy St Barts how it should be enjoyed.

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