Toiny Beach St Barts

Toiny Beach St Barts is the wildest and most beautiful beach on the island. It’s reputed for being the most secluded and peaceful of all the island beaches. On the southern coast of St Barts, a large stretch of meandering shoreline begins with Governours Beach. A little ways down, inside the next bay is Saline Beach, one of the top five beaches and also one of exhibiting more development than most others. From Saline onward, the coastline is pure and raw and features a pristine backdrop that has mostly been touched by those with the money to build large lavish estates. Anse Toiny comes right before the southern coast peels northward and curves around and up reveal more of the island’s striking landscapes.

Hotel le Toiny, located just behind Toiny Beach St Barts, is the only slice of development this beach has seen. A far cry from Grand Cul de Sac, the next beach to the north. The hotel spreads out over the inland behind a salt pond and features one of the top luxury accommodation choices. Toiny itself is quite narrow and long, but offers an intimate backdrop and one of the most secluded beaches in St Barts.

Anse Toiny is a place to go and expect plenty of privacy on the beach and a few regular surfers out in the water. Toiny Beach St Barts is best known as the Oahu of St Barts. Though surfing conditions will never compare, it is the place to go to surf, body surf and sometimes even to sail out in the bay. Swimming isn’t advised because of the strong currents. There are a smattering of villas up in the hills overlooking Toiny. The location is great and only ten minutes from Gustavia and five minutes to St Jean Beach. The visiting sea turtles, parrots, and peacocks are a nice reminder of the remoteness of Anse Toiny.

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