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St Barts tours are a must, whether it’s a day of casually driving around the island or a few days of intensive exploration around the major points of interest, which, on this small island, are spread out all over the mainland and coast. St Barts has a reputation for being a hideaway, but it’s also a great place to get outdoors and be active, participating in the many things to do. From first-class services offering even the most indulgent something to rave about, to self-guided St Barts island tours, there are many ways to tackle discovering this gorgeous Caribbean hotspot. Whether you book a tour taking a look at the whole island or a specific-interest tour, it is likely you will see a few standard places along the way.

An obvious place to begin St Barts tours is Gustavia, although since it is an island, a loop beginning anywhere can easily be done. Gustavia resembles that perfect postcard photo seen on the stands of tourist shops. Gustavia deserves a few hours of time to explore the harbor, museums, galleries, shops, and markets. Historic buildings now home to restaurants and bars can easily keep you occupied all day long. If possible, make it here for sunset. While in the area, make way to both lively St Jean Beach and the beach town of Lorient where the charm lies in flower-strewn cemeteries and historic churches and post offices.

Onward north, both small towns of Corossol and Colombier are worth a look. This is where to catch a glimpse of sun-bonneted locals evoking images of tiny French villages like Normandy. Both towns offer some of the only hand-made traditional goods on the island direct from the locals. Corossol is also notable as home to the Inter-Oceans Museum, featuring more than 8,000 unique seashells. Colombier is valued for its beauty and hiking opportunities, particularly around the beach where there is a distinct upper and lower hiking path, only two of about fifteen hiking spots on St Barts.

After exploring the northern parts, heading east toward Pointe Milou is often on the agenda of most St Barts island tours. Striking backdrops, beautiful panoramas, and gracious villas unite here creating one of the most picturesque island areas. Only a short drive away is the Bay of Marigot, another popular stop during St Barts tours and one that inevitably leads to the most famous of all island beaches, Grand Cul de Sac. Beyond this point the road heads south toward Toiny Beach and farther on to Grand Saline where nudity is always predominant, but never an issue.

Beyond the regular island loop, there are several other St Barts tours that are more specific to particular interests. Guided walking and hiking tours are very popular among active visitors. Cultural tours in Gustavia, St Barts island tours of local artists haunts, and hiking throughout the natural areas to explore the native flora and fauna are all possible. Diving and snorkeling tours are also popular, and are often focused on the area around Anse de Chauvette and Colombier. For a longer, more arduous hike, St Barts tours to Morne Rouge. Island tours crossing over the St Maarten are also possible as are diving and snorkeling excursions.

Three St Barts island tours comprise the most popular options for exploring. Offered by the Office du Tourisme in Gustavia, tours leave from Gustavia’s main pier and travel via mini-bus. They are 45 minutes, an hour, and 90 minutes and all touch on several top attractions. Independently owned mini-buses and taxis are always available to hire for St Barts island tours. Altogether, there are several tour companies, each with offices in different towns, and two taxi companies offering island tours. No matter what kind of tour you are interested in, there is an option for you.

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