St Barts Vacation Rentals

St Barts vacation rentals are found covering the Caribbean island, from the more natural northern side to the bustling southern and southeastern beaches. It quickly becomes evident that St Barts villas are the preferred choice for St Barts house rentals. A map of villas around St Barts clearly illustrates just how many of these vacation rentals are available. Though many are privately owned and not rented out to visitors, most are and can be found in price ranges anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars per week to tens of thousands weekly. Villas services are aligned with their prices.

There aren’t many traditional condos for rent in St Barts, but there are several apartments in good areas to choose from. Apartments are one of the least-opted-for accommodation choices here, but depending on the purpose of your trip, they can be perfect. Residential areas like St Jean Village, Gustavia (try Colony Club apartments), and Pointe Milou are good places to look for St Barts house rentals or apartments away from the beaches. Some of the more luxurious apartments come with maid services and concierge services to help make dining reservations, charter boats, and make other arrangements.

Auberge de Terre Neuve (pictured) is well-known for providing options for an affordable apartment rental. These self-catering units are equipped so guests can cook, relax, and sleep in the quarters provided. Auberge de Terre Neuve is the closest thing to condos for rent in St Barts; ten comfortably equipped units within five smaller buildings, each with kitchens and private terraces with garden views. These northern-based apartments pair ideally with car rentals, the best way to get around. The owners offer vacation packages that include these two amenities for a lower price than if booking separately.

St Barts house rentals are available in a wide array of styles and are easily the most popular lodging choice. They come stocked with everything needed to carry out a successful holiday. Though the differences between house rentals and villas are technically few, some might say that St Barts villas are exceptionally luxurious dwellings while house rentals are a more simplified, yet very comfortable, option. Rental homes typically feature two to three bedrooms and are tucked into the hilly regions of the island within many different island towns. Try areas around Grand Cul de Cac, Marigot Bay, and St Jean Beach.

Cottages and bungalows are effectively another of the villa categories. They tend to be small studio or one-bedroom homes with many of the same features as the larger villas, but not quite as extravagant. They may feature amenities such as swimming pools, car rentals, and private gardens. Generally they are equipped with kitchens, feature a dining and living room, and offer guests most of the comforts of home. These smaller St Barts vacation rentals are affordable options for smaller sized families or couples and can be found both away from the beach (which is reflected in the price), beachfront, or ocean view. They can be found in northern coastal areas around Flamands Beach, south of Colombier, and dotted all around the southeast side.

Villas are the one tireless option that can always be found for St Barts holidays. Though there are many excellent hotels, villas top the charts as the number one choice in St Barts vacation rentals. Some are magnificent storybook properties with every conceivable technological gadget, modern adornment, and service included in the price tag. Villas can be small, medium, or large, on the beach or high above it, and as private as they come. The one consistent factor with villas is, if you don’t book well in advance—some book up to a year prior—the pickings are slim to none so be sure to make your inquiries well before your travel date arrives.

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