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St Barts weather is as ideal as the island itself is. St Barts has gained a world-wide reputation as a sort of utopian Caribbean island and weather has always played a big part in that. Figuring out the best time to travel to St Barts can be dependent on weather if the slight variations will affect your stay, but there is more to planning than just weather. Some activities and things to do will depend some on weather conditions, such as diving and snorkeling, which are best in dry season. Once you’ve checked out all St Barts has to offer, it’s time to plan the ideal time to visit.

High Season (Dry Season): Peak season in St Barts begins in December and ends in mid-April. It is also referred to as dry season. St Barts weather is warm and sunny with temperatures peaking around 85 degrees Fahrenheit. These months exemplify perfect Caribbean conditions. There is little to no rain, and when there is, it is localized in one area and gone almost as quickly as it appears. Record lows are at 65 degrees. Mid to high 80s are commonly enjoyed in February. There is little fluctuation comparably in both temperatures and conditions so there is hardly a bad time to visit.

May through November (Rainy Season): Though recent years have had some hurricane damage, long-term statistics reveal they aren’t a common St Barts weather trend. During the summer months, it’s the humidity that brings the heat to just below 90 degrees. It is a little more sticky, but then most people just hit the beaches and swimming pools to cool off pr head out on the water for cruises. There is usually more rainfall but it is so fleeting it amounts to very little precipitation and will not hinder any island fun.

In general, around the end of August through to October, hurricanes can hit hard and fast. If visiting during hurricane season, which is one of the cheapest times to rent hilltop villas, it’s easy to remain protected in inclement St Barts weather. If there is a major storm off the coast, a cold front can blow in and temporarily lower temperatures to about 69 to 70 degrees, which is the lowest island temperatures drop. Between June and August temperatures hit the low 90s.

The tropical climate varies from about 70 degrees Fahrenheit to around 85 degrees all year long. There are exceptions to explore before choosing the best time to travel to St Barts. During almost each day of the year, clouds can come out but only very briefly. Trade winds breezing over from the Atlantic do help to cool off temperatures so it’s never stifling.

Top image: jsmjr (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0
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