St Croix Beaches

The St Croix beaches are largely responsible for attracting visitors to the U.S. Virgin Islands. That's because they are some of the best beaches in entire world. While some of the beaches in St Croix boast smooth sand bottoms that encourage swimming, others have rock and coral-lined bottoms that make for excellent snorkeling. Some of the beaches here are long, while others are small, secluded patches of sand that are sometimes empty. There's a perfect beach for you on the island of St Croix, which is why a St Croix beach vacation is hard to beat.

The St Croix beaches come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The bulk of the island's best beaches can be found on the sometimes windy north shore, the west shore, and around the eastern end. One of the very best is the beach at Chenay Bay, which can be found on the island's northeastern coast. Gracing the soft golden sands at Chenay Bay is the Chenay Bay Beach Resort, which is a great place to stay at if you're thinking of planning a St Croix beach vacation. The resort doesn't control the beach, however, which is good news to non-guests. Palm trees dot this inviting public beach, which can be an ideal place to enjoy some water sports if you're up for more than swimming and sunbathing. Sea kayaking, wind surfing, and sailing are just some of the water sports that you can enjoy at Chenay Bay. As a side note, Chenay Bay visitors who purchase food and drinks at the beach's pavilion restaurant will be able to use a lounge chair for free.

Most of the St Croix hotels can be found in the city of Christiansted. Should you be staying at one of the Christiansted hotels, two of the beaches that will be easiest to reach include the beach at the Hotel on the Cay and the beach at the Palms at Pelican Cove. The former can be found on an island, and you can get there in no time on a ferry, while the latter is just five miles west of town and can easily be reached by taxi. Should you rent a car, you can head off to the beaches in St Croix. The snorkeling conditions at the Palms at Pelican Cove are excellent, thanks to the fact that a reef is just offshore.

Should you be looking to visit as many St Croix beaches as possible, two that deserve attention are the beach at Davis Bay and the beach at Cane Bay. Both of these white sand beaches feature swaying palms, which can provide some shady relief from the sun. Cane Bay is particularly good for snorkeling when the winds are down, as the reef here features colorful brain and elkhorn corals. It's also ideal for scuba diving if you want to explore the underwater realms more completely. Once you swim the quarter mile out to the "Cane Bay Wall," you can dive right off the ledge. The depths off the ledge plunge down to 1,000 feet, so experienced divers can really explore the underwater realms. Since there isn't a reef at Davis Bay Beach, it's more ideal for activities like bodysurfing.

Over on the west side of St Croix, one of the beaches that deserves a nod is Rainbow Beach, which is great for snorkeling. You can enter this thin, white sand beach through the small restaurant that sits right on the water's edge. The waters are clear here, and the lush vegetation and rising terrain that back the beach help to create an enticing setting. You can rent a jet ski at Rainbow Beach, which will allow you take in the sumptuous views from a different perspective. Sprat Hall Beach is another good west side beach that you might consider visiting during your St Croix Beach vacation, especially if you enjoy shelling. This laid-back beach is one of the best on the island for finding shells. Heading over to the eastern side of things, Cramer's Park Beach and Divi Divi are two exceptional beaches that attract their fair share of visitors.

Cramer's Park Beach is one of the more popular St Croix beaches among locals. Families like to head here, especially on the weekends. The beach is wide, so there is plenty of room to stretch out, and the usually calm waters and shallow depths are perfect for beginning snorkelers. Since Cramer's Park is one of the busier beaches in St Croix, it features ample beach amenities. These amenities include food and drink concessions, picnic tables, changing rooms, and restrooms. As for Divi Divi Beach, it is one of the few St Croix beaches of repute that can be found on the southern coast. This beach is also wide, and small palms add to its allure. The Divi Carina Resort can be found on Divi Divi Beach, and it is an ideal place to stay if you want to enjoy water sports activities like snorkeling and sailing.

While the mainland beaches in St Croix are about as ideal as beaches get, no trip to the island would be complete without a side trip to Buck Island. Found off the northeast coast of St Croix, Buck Island is a protected island that remains in a pristine state. The most enticing St Croix beaches can be found on Buck Island, and you can easily arrange a trip on a tour boat to get here. In addition to hanging out on beaches that are to die for, your visit to Buck Island can also include snorkeling and scuba diving. The underwater national park here boasts a variety of fish and plant life, and the coral gardens are arguably the Caribbean's best. Visit Buck Island on your St Croix beach vacation, and you'll truly enjoy what amounts to a verifiable slice of paradise.

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