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St Kitts beaches and Nevis beaches are known for their quiet seclusion and are less crowded than beaches you find on many other islands. For such small islands, they boast an incredible variety, ranging in character from black-sand beaches on the northeastern side to gold and sugary white-sand on the southeast end. The best beaches in St Kitts and Nevis depend on what kind of waves you are looking for. Both islands have beaches that face the Caribbean Sea (leeward) or the Atlantic Ocean (windward). Thus, the Atlantic facing beaches have bigger surf and more wind—excellent for windsurfing. The Caribbean facing beaches have calmer seas—excellent for those on family vacations.

South Frairs Bay is an example of one of the best beaches in St Kitts and Nevis beaches on the Caribbean side. There are also a number of lively bars and a long stretch of golden sand. It is located on the south side of the long, thin peninsula jutting out from the south end of the island and only about five miles from Basseterre. North Friars Bay is less than a mile north, and beckons surfers and windsurfers with its rougher seas. You can walk between these two beaches, so it's great for those who want to experience both waves and calm seas.

Beaches in St Kitts
Beaches in St Kitts

In addition to Friars Bay, there are several more of the best beaches in St Kitts and Nevis on the peninsula that juts out from St Kitts and to within a couple miles of Nevis. Turtle Beach and Cockleshell Bay are the two closest to Nevis. Turtle Beach (not to be confused with Turtle Bay on the northeastern part of the island) is great for swimming and other water sports. Cockleshell Bay boasts two miles of sugar-white sand and wonderful views of Nevis across the water known as the Narrows. Perhaps the all-around best of the St Kitts beaches is Frigate Bay. Here are several beach and music bars, and this is a popular place for Carnival and St Kitts Music Festival nightlife.

There are also several excellent Nevis beaches across the Narrows. Pinneys Beach is only about a mile from the ferry terminal in Charlestown, and offers a long stretch of pure white sand and wonderful views of St Kitts—all the way to Mount Liamuiga and Brimstone Hill (the fortress that pummeled Charlestown with its cannons during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries when the English and French vied for control of the islands). Here is the luxurious Nevis Four Seasons Resort. Other Nevis beaches include Oualie Beach, located across the Narrows from Cockleshell Bay, and Long Haul Bay, where the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club is located. This is one of the luxury plantation inns, and is housed in a graciously restored eighteenth-century mansion that was once the great house for one of the many sugar cane plantations that once thrived here.

Both St Kitts beaches and Nevis beaches are also very laid back. There are not a lot of beachfront resorts with resultant development, so you can find many stretches of secluded sand. But you will also find a number of casual beach bars to quench your thirst. Many of the scuba diving and snorkeling excursions put in at these spots for lunch or post-diving cocktails. It is also possible to book horseback riding excursions that allow you to gallop up to a bar on the beach for a bite to eat and a cool drink.

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