St Kitts and Nevis Car Rentals

St Kitts and Nevis car rentals are among the most satisfying ways to explore these two idyllic Caribbean islands. St Kitts and Nevis is the smallest nation in the Caribbean, so a Nevis or St Kitts rental car is ideal for journeying around the islands, and taking in the breathtaking natural beauty, as well as the cultural attractions of this tiny nation. The terrain of the islands is quite variable, from some of the most stunning Caribbean beaches to the rainforests and old sugarcane plantations. St Kitts and Nevis car rentals allow visitors the freedom to explore at their own pace, and stop and admire the landscape, or rest for a drink or bite to eat, whenever they choose.

Booking a St Kitts rental car is only one of the many options for travel on this island. St Kitts is one of the more popular Caribbean destinations, so the tourist infrastructure is quite advanced. Taxis are normally available at all of the main St Kitts attractions. There are always plenty of taxi drivers at the Robert L Bradshaw International Airport, and around Basseterre, the capital. Buses are also an option for vacationers, although the service is not dependable throughout the day across the island. If you’re heading for a less crowded beach, or out to explore the rainforests, its more advisable to book a St Kitts rental car, rather than relying on a bus. Because of the varied and rich terrain of this island, you might consider renting a four-wheel drive vehicle, as this will give you extra security on rough roads. While the roads around the capital are in good condition, rough patches and potholes are often to be found in more remote areas on the island.

In order to book St Kitts and Nevis Car Rentals, you will need a temporary local driving permit. In order to get one of these, you will need to go with your driving license from your native country to either a local police station, or to the rental car agency itself. There is a better selection of rental agencies in St Kitts, with plenty of choices around the airport and in Basseterre. Although you can book a Nevis car rental, there are fewer agencies on Nevis, as it is the smaller of the two islands, and has less in general for tourists. Whichever agency you choose, make sure that you book ahead, especially in times that coincide with St Kitts and Nevis events, such as the St Kitts Carnival over the Christmas period, or Nevis’ Culturama festival, in July.

A Nevis car rental is a great way to explore this island, which is known for its peace and tranquility, and for its off-the-beaten-track beaches. Jeeps, mini-vans, and sedans are available for rent, as well as cars, for those vacationers who want a vehicle that they know can withstand rough road conditions, and can accommodate large groups or families. A license for your Nevis car rental can be obtained from one of the island’s three police stations. If you don’t want to book a Nevis car rental, there are plenty of other travel options for getting around the island. There are taxi stands at the airport, and at the island’s capital of Charlestown. There is no public transport system, but there are privately owned mini-buses, that travel along the island’s main roads.

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