Cockleshell Bay St Kitts

Cockleshell Beach St Kitts is located on the far southern tip of the island just next to pristine Turtle Beach and across the Narrows from the island of Nevis. On the other side is Majors Bay where there is a ferry terminal with regular scheduled service to Nevis. The sand on lovely Cockleshell Beach is sugary white and stretches for two full miles. The drive from Basseterre is about ten miles. If you don't have car rentals, taxis are happy to drive you and then come back later to pick you up. This is one of the most picturesque spots on the island, with beautiful views and a crescent shaped bay with one of the widest beaches on the island.

Those on scuba diving and snorkeling excursions often stop in at Cockleshell Beach St Kitts for lunch and cocktails, as there are a couple excellent beach bars and restaurants. The closest dive site is Nag's Head (about two miles away), a large rock formation that collapsed into the water providing volcanic boulders teeming with marine life to explore. This is a moderate dive. A little farther out is the Monkey Shoals reef system, also providing moderate dives. There is a very challenging dive for experienced divers only in the Narrows at Booby Island.

Image: Susan E Adams (flickr)
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