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St Kitts events are opportunities for the whole island to put on party gear and celebrate. The spirit of the Caribbean shines through in the rhythms and dances on display at the St Kitts Carnival and during the island’s music festival. Meanwhile, the island’s athletic prowess comes on display during St Kitts's international triathlon, which includes a swim in the Caribbean Sea as well as a run along the beach. While St Kitts may have more tourist infrastructure than its sister island of Nevis, this smaller island provides some hot competition. The most famous Nevis events are the Nevis Annual Olympic Triathlon, and a summer festival of local music, art, and culture named Culturama.

St Kitts and Nevis are great Caribbean destinations all year round, but there are certain times of the year where the islands really come alive. Christmas is a special time for St Kitts events, as the island not only embraces the traditional Yuletide celebrations, but also adds its own spice. The St Kitts Carnival is held from the middle of December to early January, although exact dates change from year to year. The carnival features parades, bands, street jamming, and carnival shows. A highlight is J’ouvert Morning, where street celebrations, with steel bands, brass ensembles, and sound systems, set the island dancing and jamming from dawn on December 26 until the last player and dancer collapses and retires to bed.

If you can’t visit over Christmas, another of the great musical St Kitts events takes place over the last weekend of June. The St Kitts Music Festival attracts musicians from all over the Caribbean and the world, to come and play a mix of different musical genres, making the weekend one of the most popular musical festivals in the Caribbean. Spring is also a good time to visit St Kitts, as the St Kitts International Triathlon is held in May. The sporting event is one of the major St Kitts attractions and has drawn a large number of local, regional, and international competitors over the years. The course includes a swim in the Caribbean Sea, followed by a ride along the stunning Southeast Peninsula, and then a taxing run along Frigate Bay, one of the most popular Caribbean beaches.

The Nevis Annual Olympic Triathlon draws even more competitors than its equivalent on St Kitts. In the Olympic category, the race involves a swim for 1500 meters, a 40 kilometer bike ride, and a 10 kilometer run. The races attract international competitors, as well as sportsmen and women from the Caribbean and Nevis itself. Of all the Nevis events, the Culturama is sure to excite all visitors to the island, regardless of age or tastes. The festival should not be seen as one occasion, but as a program of Nevis events held during late July. Culturama includes street jamming, cultural shows, and calypso competitions. Meanwhile, if music isn’t your thing, Culturama also has horse-racing where riders perform dare-devil feats. Although there is a good selection of St Kitts and Nevis hotels, it’s always best to book ahead in festive periods as Nevis and St Kitts tourism is hugely popular during these times.

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