Friars Bay St Kitts

Friars Bay St Kitts is one of the most popular beaches on either island. Nevis boasts Pinneys Beach, but Friars Beach offers the calm warm waters of the Caribbean and a location very close to Basseterre, the capital and largest city of this small island nation. The beach here is close enough to Basseterre that it is a good destination for those on Caribbean cruises to spend the day before they have to get back onto their ship. This is also one of the most happening beaches on the island, with many lively beach bars, music spots, and good dining venues.

It is to South Friars Bay St Kitts that you want to look for lazy sunbathing and paddling in calm Caribbean turquoise waters. This beach is on the long, thin peninsula that juts south from the main part of the island. Walk north for only a few minutes, and you will get to Friars Beach North, which is set on the windward Atlantic side of the island. Here the seas are rougher, making for great windsurfing. Scuba diving and snorkeling is very good on the south side of Friars Bay. This is an easy dive site suitable for beginners, meaning that those who have just come to enjoy the beaches can get a taste of the marine life found below the surface.

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