St Kitts and Nevis Holidays

St Kitts and Nevis holidays have something to offer just about everyone. There are beaches with calm Caribbean waters perfect for families with children, lively music and beach bars for those who enjoy nightlife, and superb scuba diving and snorkeling for those who want more active pursuits.

In addition to magnificent pristine beaches and gorgeous scenery, St Kitts and Nevis holidays also concentrate on the long and rich history of the two islands. The production of sugar cane on large plantations was important here until 2005. You can soak up this history by staying in one of the beautifully restored old plantation inns that are scattered around the islands. Most of these date to the eighteenth century and provide the gracious atmosphere of a bygone era. Basseterre is the oldest city in the eastern Caribbean, and Charlestown on neighboring Nevis is nearly as old. The fortress at Brimstone Hill on St Kitts is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its cannons bombarded Charlestown in the late 1700s. The scenic St Kitts Railway, which helped the island to remain a viable sugar producer long after most Caribbean islands had moved on to other industries, is another way to experience the islands' history.

There are cheap St Kitts holidays at some of the less upscale properties at smaller resorts such as the Timothy Beach Resort, one of the few hotels located right on Frigate Bay. This property offers ocean and mountain view rooms, and you can purchase the full meal plan, which helps to make this more of an all inclusive resort. There are also reasonably priced vacation rentals that have full kitchens. These St Kitts and Nevis holidays are excellent for families and others for whom budget is a consideration. Many of these properties will offer cheap St Kitts holidays and packages that are virtually all inclusive, with options for all meals and many activities to be included.

Another source for St Kitts holiday deals is to look at cruise lines. The capital city of Basseterre is a major Caribbean port, and many ships on Caribbean cruises dock here for a day or two. Cruise lines often have excellent contracts with airlines, so the flights that get to your point of embarkation and home from the point of disembarkation can be extremely cheap. If you book one of the lower category cabins and stay away from the more expensive shore excursions, you can enjoy a wonderful visit to several different islands in the region at a very attractive price.

This is a very popular destination for those who want both luxury and romance, and many people come here for weddings and honeymoons. Virtually all of the luxury hotels and resorts have indoor and outdoor venues that provide gorgeous setting for wedding ceremonies. These properties have St Kitts holiday deals specifically designed for both the wedding and honeymoon couple. Many have full-service spas and part of the package often includes massages and use of the spa facilities.

Like the island of Anguilla, the island nation is known for its opulent villas and mansions available as vacation rentals. The top of the line properties can be extremely expensive, costing thousands of dollars per week. However, you can find cheap St Kitts holidays in more modest vacation rentals, including charming beachside bungalows and cottages. Even the larger properties can provide cost effective St Kitts holiday deals if you are a small group or family.



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