Mount Liamuiga

Mount Liamuiga covers the western portion of St Kitts and is the highest point on the island at almost 3,800 feet high. It is, in fact, one of the highest points in the eastern Caribbean. One of the most popular active things to do in St Kitts is to summit this stratovolcano (a stratovolcano is a conical peak similar to Mt Fuji in Japan). A guide is really needed for Mt Liamuiga Volcano hikes that go all the way to the summit. Tours can be arranged with one of several operators on the island.

Mount Liamuiga comes from the Kalinago (or Carib) language of the indigenous people, and means "fertile land." This is apt as there are lush farmlands on the fertile volcanic soil of its slopes. It was formerly called Mount Misery by colonists from Europe; it was renamed in 1983 when the island nation became independent. Those who have embarked on Mt Liamuiga Volcano hikes can certainly attest to the aptness of this "misery" moniker. It is a challenging climb that takes you past the farmlands, through lush rainforest and into cloud forest before reaching the peak to peer down into the crater and marvel at the majestic 360-degree panoramic views that reveal the blue and turquoise sea and St Martin, Saba, Antigua, St Barts, and Nevis. Climbs generally begin at Belmont Estate, one of the original sugar cane plantations on the island. While the first part of the hike is on a deceptively gentle slope, the last third is steep and requires that participants be in good physical condition.



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