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Nevis hotels tend to be much more isolated than accommodations on Nevis’s sister island of St Kitts. Visitors to the two-island nation of St Kitts and Nevis will find that there are more St Kitts hotels; however, Nevis does have some fantastic luxury hotels, and Nevis plantation inns are famous with travelers world-wide for their unique ambiance and historical elegance. As Nevis has fewer tourist attractions and things to do, it can also be easier to find budget Nevis accommodation that gives you real value for money.

The island is renowned for its luxury Nevis accommodation. Of the upmarket hotels on the island, Nevis Four Seasons is undoubtedly the most prestigious. Located one of the most attractive Caribbean beaches, Pinney's Beach, the hotel and resort is home to great sporting facilities, including the resort’s very own water sports center on the beach, and an 18-hole golf course overlooking the ocean. The hotel’s 196 rooms are interspersed in a group of buildings, each with their own private balcony. It is the elegant feel of Nevis Four Seasons that ranks it as one of the top Nevis Hotels. Guests are invited to play a game of golf with the hotel’s manager, while afterward a session of croquet and afternoon tea on the lawn rounds off a perfectly genteel day on this tranquil island.

Nevis plantation inns have a deservedly excellent reputation. Lodging on Nevis Island doesn’t come much more sophisticated than this. The oldest of these converted plantations were built in the sixteenth century, and guests can enjoy the sense of a colonial history with all the old-world traditions once common on the island. Golden Rock plantation inn is exceptional due the hotel’s setting in 100 acres of estate that was once an eighteenth-century sugar plantation. The inn is nestled in the foothills of Mount Nevis, in an area called Gingerland, to the remote south-east of the island. Guests are invited to stroll around the beautiful courtyard, filled with orchids and bougainvillea. Those who like the easy access of Caribbean beach resorts will be pleased to know that the inn also runs its own beach bar and restaurant, which are a short drive away.

When it comes to cheap Nevis accommodation, Philsha’s Guest House is a good bet. The guest house is located five minutes by car from the capital of Charlestown, and five minutes on foot away from Pinney’s Beach. It is one of the friendliest Nevis hotels, and is especially welcoming to families, as children of twelve years or under stay for free. Guests can enjoy the surrounding wild gardens, palms, and mango trees. While the hotel itself has no restaurant, it is walking distance from independent restaurants. For those who want to stay in and relax, the hotel also has a generous bar and pool table.

For convenience and value, vacationers might want to check out JPs Guest House. This lodging on Nevis Island is located on the doorstep of the ferry dock, in the island’s capital of Charlestown. It is popular with visitors who have taken a late crossing from St Kitts, and want somewhere decent and cheap to bed down for the night before they explore the island. The guest house, on Prince William Street, has a simple restaurant and a communal lounge. While there are no sports facilities onsite, it is located close to Grove Park, which hosts a program of Nevis events.

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