St Kitts

St Kitts and Nevis is a two-island nation in the Caribbean that attracts thousands of vacationers every year to its pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and thrilling cultural attractions. St Kitts is the larger of the two islands, and is more popular with tourists. While both islands draw visitors with their laid-back vibe and natural attractions, vacationers are more likely to stay on St Kitts, because the island is home to more tourist facilities.

St Kitts Island is a traveler's paradise, with plenty of things to do and some of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches in the region. One of the most famous St Kitts attractions is the dormant volcano, nicknamed Mt Misery, that is a defining part of the island’s tropical landscape. Things to do on St Kitts include hiking to the volcano, as well as going on rainforest hikes and horse treks around the island. The islands’ beaches are the main attractions for many visitors. Pinney's Beach, on Nevis, is said to be one of the most attractive beaches in the West Indies, due to its long stretch of white sand, and the fact that it is relatively untouched by tourism. The sand on the beaches can be black, due to past volcanic activity, while many beaches boast pristine white and golden sands that complement the verdant tropical vegetation and the bright blue of the Caribbean Sea. While the beaches invite you to soak up the sun, and relax in the tranquil waters, St Kitts island also offers lots of opportunities for water sports enthusiasts. Plenty of beaches cater to jet skiing, windsurfing, and sea kayaking, and most rent out snorkeling gear. Frigate Bay Beach on St Kitts is extremely popular due to its great water sports facilities and proximity to many of the island's beach resorts.

St Kitts Island is not only popular due to its natural beauty. The island has long been one of the most sought-after Caribbean destinations, and so everything is set up to meet the needs of visitors. There are plenty of hotels in St Kitts and Nevis, but there is definitely more choices of accommodation on the larger of the two islands. St Kitts boasts great Caribbean beach resorts, from value to luxury, so guests can be close to the water’s edge whatever their budget. For those seeking real indulgence, St Kitts Island also has a selection of luxury plantation inns, that match old-world charm with the most modern of conveniences, including gyms, spas, and pools. These are some of the best Caribbean resorts for relaxing and letting the world’s troubles drift away on the tropical breeze.

While St Kitts is popular all year round, there are certain times when the island is flooded with tourists joining in the excitement of world-famous St Kitts events, such as the St Kitts Carnival and the island’s international triathlon. The carnival, over the Christmas period, brings the island alive with steel bands, brass bands, calypso competitions, and carnival shows, filling the streets with rhythm, food, and laughter. The triathlon in May, meanwhile, is a more serious affair, attracting both regional and international competitors to its grueling race, involving swimming in the Caribbean Sea, biking along the island’s peninsula, and running along one of the most famous beaches in St Kitts, Frigate Bay Beach. Meanwhile, if you’re coming to St Kitts in June, you can catch the island’s rhythms at the St Kitt’s Music Festival, over the last weekend of the month.

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