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St Kitts vacations can concentrate on a wide variety of activities, considering the small size of the island and the even smaller size of its sister island Nevis. It is also possible to obtain great St Kitts and Nevis travel deals from a wide variety of sources. St Kitts and Nevis vacation packages are available from airlines, cruise lines, hotels, and tour operators. Packages available from tour operators in your home country often include international flights, as well as accommodations in hotels, and sometimes even one or two tours. One of the best places to start your search is right here on this page. The booking tool above allows you to compare deals across several travel sites.

Other than the rather obvious sea, sun, and sand, it is history that plays a large part in St Kitts and Nevis vacation packages that appeal to all kinds of people. Each island has its own capital city, although it's hard to call Charlestown on Nevis a "city," since its population isn't even over 2,000. However, it boasts some lovely old colonial buildings as well as the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton and the Horatio Nelson Museum that contains the largest collection of memorabilia about the famed admiral in the Western Hemisphere. Basseterre on St Kitts is the oldest city in the eastern Caribbean, with wonderful old colonial architecture. Another feature of St Kitts vacations relating to history is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Brimstone Hill Fortress from which English cannons bombarded French Charlestown in the seventeenth century.

A bonus for St Kitts vacations that take you to Brimstone Hill is the magnificent scenery from the site. More magnificent scenery is available from the backdrop of Mount Liamuiga, which towers over the historic fortress. Trekking to the summit of this volcanic peak is a challenging hike rewarded by breathtaking panoramic views. Part of the history of both these islands is the production of sugar cane, grown on plantations worked by slaves from Africa. You can travel through some of this history on the scenic St Kitts Railway or you can stay in one of several lovingly restored old plantation inns.

Hotels on both islands often offer St Kitts and Nevis vacation packages for special events like the annual Carnival or more personal weddings and honeymoons. The more upscale luxury hotels and resorts might have spa packages or golf packages. Beach properties are apt to offer scuba diving and snorkeling packages. You can enjoy Nevis vacations very near Charlestown at one of the finest resorts in the island nation. This is the prestigious Nevis Four Seasons located on popular Pinneys Beach. This beautiful property offers luxurious hotel style rooms and suites as well as vacation rentals that include opulent mansions with as many as six bedrooms. Some of the villas available come with golf carts and privileges on the neighboring golf course, and almost all have private swimming pools.

If you want St Kitts and Nevis travel deals that also offer port stops on other Caribbean islands, you might want to consider cruises. The city of Basseterre is a major cruise port, capable of handling the largest cruise ships in the world. Thousands of passengers disembark each year to enjoy a variety of activities while their ship is docked here for a couple of nights before moving on to another island.

While the very lowest priced St Kitts and Nevis travel deals are available during the off peak season, it is often possible to get good deals during the busiest time. Hotels have unexpected cancellations and will offer promotions to fill the empty space. Even if you booked your holidays far in advance, keep checking with the hotel and ask them to honor the lower deal for your reservation if one shows up at a later date.

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