St Kitts and Nevis Weddings

St Kitts and Nevis weddings are becoming more and more popular, and comprise an important sector of the tourism industry here. Virtually every one of the luxury hotels on the islands as well as the larger resorts will have full-time wedding planners on staff. If you're not staying at one of these properties, St Kitts wedding packages are available from a number of professionals on both St Kitts and neighboring Nevis.

A natural offshoot of all this hitching up is the market for romantic St Kitts honeymoons that are available everywhere. Not all honeymoon couples want to be catered to every moment. For this kind of romance, there are numerous opulent villas and more modest vacation rentals available. There are a few planned communities and a number of opportunities to rent private homes direct from owners. One of the advantages of this kind of property is the privacy that a villa provides. Additionally, cooking for yourself has many advantages. If you do want some pampering, it's possible to book rentals with housekeeping services and even the services of a chef.

St Kitts and Nevis weddings are even possible if you are just docking for a night or two on one of the many large passenger ships on Caribbean cruises. There are wedding planners who specialize in this speedy process. The couple is picked up at the port in Basseterre and taken to the appropriate legal office for all the formalities and paperwork. They are then taken to the chosen site where the ceremony is performed. The happy couple can be back at the ship in time for lunch. These kinds of St Kitts wedding packages can be facilitated by the cruise line, which will then take special care of the couple as they cruise on to other islands.

St Kitts honeymoons are even more popular than weddings, as many couple prefer to have the ceremony in their hometown and then get away from it all on a beautiful island with wonderful beaches and luxury hotels and resorts with decadents spas. Perhaps the most luxurious of all the resorts offering St Kitts and Nevis weddings is the Nevis Four Seasons. It is located on popular Pinneys Beach just north of Charlestown. This property caters to many different events, but St Kitts wedding packages make up the majority of the festivities. There are several different event venues and the capability to cater large banquets. There are other large properties like this resort, including the Royal St Kitts Hotel and Casino.

For those looking for something more intimate, many people book one of the historic plantation inns for their special moment. There are several elegant old great houses that once lorded it over huge sugar cane plantations and have been beautifully restored. The Nisbet Plantation Beach Club is a perfect example. It is located in an old mansion originally built in 1778. Spread around this mansion ore more than 30 charming cottages. Weddings can be arranged to unfold right on the beach and public rooms are available for lavish banquets and intimate dinners. These kinds of exclusive properties allow St Kitts honeymoons to be as reclusive as needed, with full-service spas, in-room dining, and hardly a need to stray far from your room.

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