St Lucia Restaurants

St Lucia restaurants serve a wide variety of flavors, a mix of Old World traditions, and fresh tropical Caribbean flavors. On your vacations, you'll have the chance to enjoy fine dining, fresh seafood, filling steak dinners, fast bites, and tropical cocktails. Whatever your tastes or your budget, there will be a meal for you at one of St Lucia's dining establishments.

No matter which restaurant you choose, chances are very good that seafood is on the menu. Everyone from the best restaurants in St Lucia to the tiny roadside stands serve freshly caught fish. Snapper, swordfish, and mahi-mahi (also called dolphin fish) are in abundance, which many learn by reading a menu at your St Lucia restaurants or experience firsthand on fishing charters. Nothing quite tastes the same as a meal you had a part in creating.

St Lucian cuisine also incorporates Creole flavors and spices, much like the better known Jamaican fare. Many vacationers rave about the pungent curries and spicy pepperpots that appear on tables throughout the island. The pepperpot dish is a signature flavor of the Caribbean and is the national dish of the nearby island of Grenada. Stewed meats, usually beef, pork, or mutton, are slow cooked with a rich mélange of seasonings, including cinnamon, hot peppers, and cassareep, a thick liquid made from the cassava plant. As you can imagine, dining in St Lucia can be a treat for the senses and one of the best parts of any vacation.

Bananas are another signature element found on the menus of St Lucia restaurants; the agricultural elements of the island produce several varieties of the fruit, good for eating, as well as the starchier plantains. When dining in St Lucia, you can really get a taste for the island when you order up banana greens with salt fish. Another signature dish of locally grown produce, callaloo soup mixes up the leaves of the taro plant into a hearty stew with sweet potatoes, salt pork, and other rich flavors. This African-inspired dish tastes a bit like creamed spinach and is an excellent accompaniment to other dishes.

In addition to the flavors of the Caribbean, dining in St Lucia also includes a mix of all kinds of cuisines. You'll be able to find pizza restaurants, Italian bistros, and chic French restaurants, especially in the cities of Castries and Vieux Fort. Just as the cuisine varies, so does the setting. Both first-class diners and visitors on meager budgets will find a satisfying and tasty experience.

When only the finest will do, consider dining at one of the local hotels. Many of the best restaurants in St Lucia are part of the resorts. Even if you're not a guest, you'll still have the chance to make reservations at the top restaurants on the island.

At the all inclusive resorts, the restaurants cater to guests. Without worrying about pulling out your wallet or finding transportation, you can dine at some of the best restaurants in St Lucia.

Along with fine dining restaurants, many of the resorts offer buffets, coffee, poolside snack bars, and many other places to enjoy good food and drink along with the laid-back Caribbean atmosphere and sunny days.

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