St Lucia Fishing

St Lucia fishing is raved about by serious anglers and enjoyed by newcomers alike. Because of the relatively constant warm temperatures, waters teeming with life, an abundance of fish, and availability of charters, deep sea fishing in St Lucia can be added to your vacations easily. No matter what time of year you visit, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to cast a line. When ice fishing is your only option at home, you can head south in search of sunny days, big game species, and some of the best fishing around in the waters of the Atlantic and the Caribbean that surround the island.

St Lucia fishing tours are easy to find. Most, if not all, of the guides speak English, and many have their information easily accessible and publicized. It’s easy to make reservations while you’re still planning your trip from home. Changing your mind after you arrive is not a problem; plenty of charters are available on short notice for some deep sea fishing in St Lucia. A fleet of modern vessels and knowledgeable captains can bring you right to the best spots to catch saltwater fish.

No matter which boat you choose for deep sea fishing in St Lucia, you’ll have access to the same waters favored by some large fish. While catches vary by season, chances are excellent that you’ll hook a serious fish story to share with your friends back home. Several reliable boats and captains have been heading out to sea for years in search of big game fish. Even inexperienced anglers have made trophy catches, including white marlins that tip the scales at 200 pounds. Fishermen and women have also seen mackerel, barracudas, kingfish, and mahi mahi at the end their lines.

When you head out on St Lucia fishing charters, you will have the benefit of a knowledgeable guide and access to some of the best equipment around. You won’t have to worry about finding your way or squeezing gear into your checked luggage. Don’t miss the chance to stop and soaking in the scenery—the beautiful beaches, bright blue skies, the lush rainforest landscapes, even the twin volcanic peaks, Les Pitons.

If you’re stuck on where to find fishing guides in St Lucia, many times your hotel concierge can suggest the perfect excursion for you. Thanks to the relatively small size of the island, the long coastline, and modern transportation network, it won’t take too long to get from your accommodations to the dock. Anglers also have the option of arranging St Lucia fishing charters that best fit their vacation plans. Half-day charters are usually the most popular, but longer excursions can easily be arranged. Some of the larger vessels have enough space and amenities for overnight stays.

Anyone who’s ever put up a gone fishing sign or ever dreamed of reeling in a big catch will get a thrill out of St Lucia fishing. The deep blue waters of the Caribbean and the Atlantic are an inviting place to explore and leave behind the every day. Whether you try some snorkeling, dangle your toes in the surf, go sailing, or step aboard one of the St Lucia fishing charters, you’ll have a chance to experience a taste of the islands.

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