Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach is often called St Lucia's "forgotten beach." Grand Anse St Lucia is situated on the island's northeast side, an area not nearly as frequented as the northwest, home to the capital of Castries. Difficulty getting to the beach because of rough roads and basic inaccessibility is why not many tourists venture down to the shores. This beach—also known as Des Barras Beach after the nearby mountain community with the same name—features a dramatic, rocky shoreline dotted with clandestine coves. It is best known as an island nature reserve and is not to be missed if hoping for a look at the island's giant sea turtles.

Protected against development, Des Barras Beach is most frequented by tour guides taking visitors for a look at endangered turtles and some rare island birds. Turtle species at Grand Anse Beach include the green turtle, the leatherback, the loggerhead, and the hawksbill. Nesting season begins in February and lasts into October. Tours are easily arranged and affordable, and offer a glimpse at St Lucia's most loved species. Grand Anse St Lucia is accessible by a road in very poor condition. Expect an extremely bumpy ride on the road from Des Barra to Grand Anse St Lucia.

Grand Anse Beach is dangerous for swimming, sailing, and most all watersports. When visiting, the best things to do are explore the surrounding landscape and nearby attractions. Des Barras Beach, or Grand Anse, is the perfect place from which to explore the close-knit mountain town of Des Barras. Though small in size, a look around is interesting. There are a few good dining options to choose from, too. Camping is also possible along Grand Anse St Lucia. Camping is an excellent way to spend a night or two under the stars, and maybe catch site of a turtle laying eggs. Don't bother getting too close though as the beaches are patrolled by volunteers to protect the turtles.



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