Jade Mountain St Lucia

Jade Mountain St Lucia impresses for a slew of good reasons. Attention has been lavished on this phenomenal resort, one that appeals to a diverse range of island visitors. Jade Mountain Resort sits high above the beaches of Anse Chastenat, calling attention to both itself and also to some of the best views offered on the entire island of St Lucia. This luxury resort in Soufriere comprises 600 acres and, with every single design detail, beautifully complements the surrounding island beauty.

Nick Troubetzkoy, the owner and architect of Jade Mountain Resort, has always focused on creating works that blend with nature without a hiccup. Balance with nature is the philosophy and it is evident throughout every square foot of his highly acclaimed resort. The architectural design of this luxury resort in Soufriere is definite, bold, and unmistakable. Features such as private bridges connecting guests to infinity pools, raw, stone-clad columns pointing straight to the sky, and meandering lines of outdoor overhangs create a blend so unique and captivating, it isn't any wonder why Jade Mountain St Lucia is so mesmerizing.

Guest suites offer several areas for distinct uses, yet each room blends into the next seamlessly. Guest suites are boundless and seductive in design, with outdoor spaces seemingly floating above a nature-painted picture of paradise. Like the Ladera Resort and Spa, each suite is absent of a fourth wall, offering a wide-open look outdoors and the opportunity to exist in both worlds at once. Sitting outside a lavish room, feeling like you're floating on air, St Lucia's famous Pitons World Heritage Site offers a bewitching view to all.

Guest suites are available in Sun, Moon, Stars and Galaxy Infinity Pool Sanctuaries. Each is defined by only the most luxurious amenities, furnishings, and views, and each suite differs from the next in design. Infinity Pool Sanctuaries range from 1,400 to more than 2,000 square feet, with the two Galaxy suites being the largest and offering the best scenery from the highest point of the resort. Each suite features more than twenty exotic varieties of hardwood, rough quarried stone, and coral tile. Some feature two-level layouts.

Dining at Jade Mountain Resort is another experience to savor, and one that will leave you simultaneously satiated and delighted. The cuisine is so special in fact, that it is named Jade Cuisine. Made with as much local product as possible, the food at this luxury resort in Soufriere is elegant in its simplicity while celebrating distinct flavors of an array of exotic cultures. As agricultural products and fishing periods change with the seasons, so does Jade Cuisine.

If you can absorb the beauty and appeal of Jade Mountain St Lucia fast enough, head out and enjoy the many things to do on offer. Tailor-made excursions and tours are complimentary. Culture and history are shared by hand-picked tour guides available to all guests. Sightseeing includes exploring rainforests, volcanos, botanical gardens, and sulphur springs. Boat trips, fishing charters, and shopping trips are all possibilities. The onsite spa allows guests to choose from an endless list of treatments and enjoy it all along with one of the most beautiful settings in St Lucia.

Jade Mountain Resort also offers lots of fun activities as well, including snorkeling, diving, jungle cycling, ocean kayaking, tennis, sunset sailing aboard the resort yacht, and guided walks and hikes. There are also a host of watersports to choose from. All these offerings can be all wrapped up in the resort's four appealing vacation packages or relished via daily rates. No matter how you slice it, Jade Mountain is going to leave you breathless.

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