St Lucia Rainforest

St Lucia rainforest tours take the lead in island excursions. They are one of the best ways to explore this naturally diverse and ecologically unique environment. The tropical island rainforest is comprised of many special elements that together comprise an ecosystem so special people come from all over the world to discover it. For some, the very special Amazona Versicolor, a rare island bird, is enough of a draw to book vacations to St Lucia. For others, it's the exoticism of island's backdrop that sets the path for curiosity.

There are scores of guides offering rainforest tours in St Lucia. If you trust your hotel concierge to arrange a tour, make it easy on yourself and ask. Hotels already know who to trust having done the legwork in finding the most reliable and knowledgeable guides. A look around Castries or Soufriere will procure a number of options. Most tours run a full day and guide visitors through landscapes full of exotic plants and animals, mountains, streams and waterfalls, and plenty of scenic views from hill and mountaintops.

The island's interior is mostly volcanic and a majority of the rest is blanketed in tropical island rainforest, offering an unsurpassed clandestine escape. Some of the finest island beach resorts are perfectly tucked away inside the rainforest. A tropical rainforest is characterized by receiving more than 69 inches of rainfall every year, the main element that keeps it so lush and balmy. The St Lucia rainforest differs from a jungle for one distinct reason—the rainforest limits plant growth at ground level because of its thick, light-restricting canopy. A jungle has much more dense ground cover and a distinctly thinner tree canopy throughout.

The Amazona Versicolor has several common names including the St Lucia Parrot and the Saint Lucia Amazon. The species resides in a lowland tropical rainforest and forges throughout the forest's canopy. You'll never see it while out fishing or sailing, or by any of the beaches. It loves to spend most of its time on quiet lower slopes and hilly areas. This arresting bird species is on the brink of addition to the Endangered Species list. Though recent numbers have increased slightly, they have been severely declining over the years. On a tour of the tropical island rainforest, the chances of spotting a St Lucia parrot are not as slim as one might think. Guides are experts on this small and vibrant species, and know where and when to look for them.

Rainforest walks focused on more specific island areas are another option for St Lucia rainforest tours. Easy, moderate, and strenuous hikes are offered in areas like Barre De L'isle Trail, Des Cartiers Rainforest, Enbas Saut (only a few miles from Sourfriere), and Millet Bird Sanctuary Trail are all possibilities. The last option is a great place to see the Amazona Versicolor. In general, a out of the tropical rainforest is offered in three specific levels of easy to difficult.

Any easy tour will include a short walk, maybe a swim under a waterfall, and a lunch of some sort that includes fresh tropical fruits. An intermediate St Lucia rainforest tour typically lasts about two hours along an intermediate hiking trail where hikers see the rainforest up close and personal. Guides lead the way by many rainforest attractions. The more adventurous might opt for an advanced tour hiking for three to four hours. Clear-cut mountain trails lead hikers through dense forest foliage passed rocky inclines, streams, and waterfalls. Most rainforest guide companies offer a full meal, generally a buffet, in a picturesque location on the island after a hike, hopefully celebrating over a look at a beautiful Amazona Versicolor as you enjoy a meal by the sea.



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