Soufriere St Lucia

Soufriere St Lucia sits in the southwestern region of the scenic and fascinating island. Castries lies to the north and Vieux Fort to the southeast. Established in the mid-1800s by the French, Soufriere is the oldest of all St Lucia's towns, offering an extra layer of interest for explorers. Soufriere is also a destination well-known for catchy, Caribbean-inspired jazz music, found throughout the town in small clubs, bars, and hotels. From dining in Soufriere to beautiful national parks to plenty of excellent beach resorts, St Lucia maintains its popularity as one of the top beach resorts in the Caribbean islands. 

The Soufriere Volcano is the most renowned attraction in the town. It is also known as the St Lucia sulphur springs. A good look around is one of the top things to do in Soufriere. Incredulously, visitors can actually drive right into the volcano, the only known drive in volcano in the world. If that isn't attractive enough to make visitors flock, there is a rich and intriguing history behind the volcano's existence as well as natural bowls of colorful, boiling water throughout the volcano, created by a combination of several mineral deposits.  

In the late 1700s, the Soufriere St Lucia Volcano had it's last--and fairly uneventful--steam-only eruption. Locals began mining and exporting sulphur from the volcano in the 1800s and even though boiling steam, water, and mud were ever-present, the volcano laid dormant and safe. Today, visitors can explore Soufriere Volcano on guided and self-guided tours as well as day cruises around St Lucia. Upon approaching the volcano, the smell of sulphur can be overwhelming. There are mud baths, a small waterfall, and some easy hiking to enjoy. Anyone driving their own vehicle into Soufriere Volcano should beware that if stopped even briefly, car tires can easily go flat or even melt.  

There are many great choices near the volcano for dining in Soufriere. There are casual bars, mid-range restaurants and fine dining establishments to choose between. A few beach-side Soufriere hotels offer dining for visitors other than guests and offer pretty beach and ocean views. Expect nothing less than flavorful Caribbean fare laced with French, Creole and West Indian flavors. A variety of fresh seafood, salted fish, conch (a delicacy), and fried plantain are some of the island's staple, and delicious, foods.  

Anyone visiting Soufriere St Lucia should take the opportunity to visit some of the other area attractions before moving on. From the Soufriere Volcano, visitors will see the brightly painted, arching buildings set against the verdant green jungle. A walk around town reveals more of these cheery buildings and homes as well as a beautiful waterfront, and lovely historic walking areas filled with old homes and mature trees. Anse Mamin sugar plantation is another nearby attraction offering a look at island history. Even more entertainment lies in the surrounding bike trails and bike rentals available. The nearby hotel offers water taxi rides across the water for a small fee.  

The excellent dining in Soufriere combined with the drive in volcano and additional attractions make the area a relaxing and peaceful destination in St Lucia ideal for families. Anyone looking for some genuine indulgence will love Rainforest Oasis, the largest and most lavish spa in the Caribbean. Also appealing are the curative powers of the Diamond Mineral Baths where a small waterfall and ambrosial botanical garden are also open to tour.  



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