Transportation in St Lucia

Transportation in St Lucia is an important factor in your vacation plans. Even though the island is small, it has a well-established network of roads, taxis, airports, buses, cruise ship terminals, and interisland ferries, making getting around St Lucia a generally straight-forward task..

Many vacations begin at one of the island's cruise ship terminals. Both La Place Carenage and Point Seraphine provide docking facilities with amenities that travelers need. After stepping of the cruise ship at these ports in the city of Castries, you'll find duty-free shops, restaurants, and land transportation, ready to take you where you need to go. Low-cost taxis are readily available from both terminals, so getting around St Lucia is a snap.

At Pointe Seraphine, you will find one of the coolest modes of transportation in St Lucia, a water taxi that heads across the harbor to the other terminal. After docking at La Place Carenage, you can do more shopping or head into the city of Castries to do some exploring. It's only a few minutes on foot to many things to do, including the Castries Crafts Market, jewelry stores, other retailers, the beach, and waterfront restaurants.

Another option for transportation in St Lucia is a rental car. Drivers will need to obtain a local license, which are available through the rental company and local police stations. Like any other place, the airport is a natural place to begin. Both the Hewanorra International Airport and George F. L Charles Airport offer services for car rental in St Lucia. After you've stepped of your flights from Miami, New York, or one of the other cities offering flights to this island, you'll be steps away from the conveniently located rental desks. Locally owned companies and familiar names have cars, scooters, and SUVs ready to rent at the airports and offices throughout the island.

With the steep hills and unfamiliar roads, you might want to leave the driving to the professionals. A variety of companies also provide drivers with a car rental in St Lucia. You have the added benefits of getting exactly where you want to go on your schedule, but you don't need worry about the actual driving for your transportation in St Lucia.

Professional drivers are also behind the wheel of buses, most frequently in the bigger cities. This makes St Lucia public transportation is another option when you need to get around Castries and Gros Islet.

Many of the hotels and resorts can help you out if you need a car rental in St Lucia, which is especially helpful if there's something you decide to see after you arrived on the island. Add to that shuttle service, and you will find that getting around on St Lucia is not difficult.

With so many islands so close, it's easy to explore more of the Caribbean. Readily available ferry service links St Lucia with the nearby islands of Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Dominica. Like the cruise ships, ferries depart from the docks in Castries. Interisland flights are also available to neighboring Martinique, Dominica, and other beautiful places. No matter what you want to include in your plans, you can't begin enjoying your vacations without some way to get there. Getting around St Lucia is not difficult, so you can spend more time enjoying the sun and beaches rather than waiting for a ride.

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