St Lucia Vacations

St Lucia vacations provide tropical beauty, sunny days, and a chance to connect with friendly people. Whether you’re looking for cheap vacations in St Lucia or money is no object, you’ll find a laid-back island known for its warm sunny days and even warmer hospitality. From the northern coast and the capital city of Castries to the lush rainforests of the southern half of the island, scenic settings are easy to find—as are places to stay and interesting experiences.

When planning St Lucia vacations, deciding where to stay is one of the most important decisions to make—luckily, you’ll have plentiful options, everything from grand hotels, luxury St Lucia rentals, and inns at the edge for the rainforest. Whatever your budget, you’ll find the right accommodations for your ideal vacation.

As expected for tropical islands, there’s a wide array of beach resorts up and down the coast. Whether you choose all inclusive properties or pay as you go, your accommodations will be close to beautiful beaches along the Atlantic Ocean or the Caribbean Sea. The island’s resorts offer everything their guests need to enjoy beachside vacations, including palm-lined swimming pools, scuba lessons, snorkeling excursions, windsurfing, and terraces where you can sit and watch the sun sink into the sea.

St Lucia rentals are another option for places to stay. Choosing one of the villas or condos gives more space to stretch out than a typical hotel room, and the addition of a kitchen is a benefit to those who like to cook or picky eaters who don’t want to spend a lot of time dining out. Many of the St Lucia rentals line beach or one of the bays, giving their occupants easy access to some of most beautiful scenery on the island and well-equipped marinas.

Some travelers choose rental properties for their St Lucia vacations when they’re looking for luxury accommodations. Many of the vacation homes in St Lucia are available for rent when their owners are not in the Caribbean. The owners are happy to have someone occupying the house, while vacationers enjoy posh surroundings and usually nicely furnished homes.

If money is more of issue, it does not mean that St Lucia vacations are out of reach. The island has a wide variety of offerings for all vacationers with budgets big and small. When trying to find cheap vacations in St Lucia, deciding when to go can help save money. On this island, the busy season begins in October and continues until May. When it’s cold at home, tour operators tend to offer a wide variety of vacation packages and cruises. With such an array of choices, you can pick that vacation that best suits your budget and calendar. The off-season also can be a time to look for cheap vacations in St Lucia. When the hotels are experiencing lower occupancy rates, the prices tend to come down.

No matter when you decide to go or where you decide to stay, St Lucia will give you a chance to enjoy one of the most beautiful places found anywhere. The laid-back and charming island provides a welcoming spot to vacation all throughout the year.

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