Vieux Fort St Lucia

Vieux Fort St Lucia is located in the southern island region less than sixteen miles from the old capital of Soufriere and less than twenty miles south of Castries. Vieux Fort is home to the famously loved Maria Islands Natural Reserve and is the second biggest town in St Lucia. The many things to do in Vieux Fort Quarter is what sparks the keen interest in visiting. Vacations in Vieux Fort are popular with beach lovers who hit the sandy shores of Anse Des Sables Beach for ample oceanside entertainment.

Coconut Bay Resort and Spa is another major attraction located in View Fort St Lucia. The boundless luxuries enjoyed throughout the hotel and spa paint a picture of lavishness and ultimate relaxation. Though getting away from the hotel can be trying, there are so many attractions to explore it's worth the walk out the door. Anyone looking deeper into the history of Vieux Fort will appreciate a visit to the Old Fort, the town's namesake. Old Fort was the island's first sugar refinery, established in 1765, and still comprises the heart of St Lucia's coconut and sugar-growing district.

Maria Islands Nature Reserve illustrates one of the most breathtaking natural landscapes on the island. Maria Minor and Maria Major together compose the Maria Islands, twin islands located off the southeast shore. The reserve is made up of more than 30 protected acres home to over 120 species of reptiles, plants, and other animals. Maria Island Nature Reserve is also a revered bird sanctuary, offering safe haven to bird species such as the tropic bird, terns, and the Caribbean martin. Tours to the island are offered by the St. Lucia National Trust.

Vieux Fort St Lucia is a tapestry of small communities that together create a unique and colorful island district. Black Bay, Augier, St. Urban, and Grace are a few of the smaller enclaves ideal for walking tours during a Vieux Fort vacation. There are many places for dining out, from small local cafes to fast food to fine dining restaurants. On the topic of food, one of the best things to do in Vieux Fort Quarter on the weekends is head to the local market where plenty of local goods, including fruits, spices, and ground provisions, are readily available. St Lucia's largest fish market is also at the weekend bazaar making it an ideal stop before any beach barbecue. Or better yet, head out on a fishing charter and reel in your own tasty catch.

Vieux Fort is well known for hosting some of the best music on the island. Not really a difficult feat on a small island with only three major towns, yet still an attractive chance to hear some genuine Caribbean jamming. Vieux Fort hotels often feature local musicians touring the island playing for visitors. Anyone looking for things to do in Vieux Fort Quarter need only to look at the island's music calender. Some of Vieux Fort St Lucia bars and clubs host weekly or monthly jam nights featuring excellent local talent. On this island, there is no shortage of music. If it's not live, it's still playing somewhere, reverberating through the salty ocean air.

Vieux Fort St Lucia

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