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St Lucia travel, no matter what the season, provides vacationers with the chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery and a chance to escape far from the every day. This lovely place in the Windward Islands offers year-round pleasant weather as well as a wide variety of tourism options. If you're the kind who associates vacations with relaxation or you want a lot of adventure, you will find ample opportunities to enjoy the ideal vacation on this Caribbean island. Plenty of places to relax are waiting, too.

Before you become a St Lucia tourist, you'll need to plan the elements of your vacation including when to go, where to stay, and things to do once you arrive. It's helpful to gather St Lucia tourist information before you visit so you can spend more time enjoying your time away from home.

All types of travelers, from mild to wild, will need somewhere to stay, and the hotels are an excellent source of St Lucia tourist information as well as places to sleep. The concierge and other staff members, who spend all year on the island, know the ins and outs of St Lucia. They can make recommendations for the best dining and beaches. If you include one of the all inclusive resorts in your St Lucia travel plans, you'll find a full menu of activities all in one place. From the time the sun rises over the horizon to well after dark, the resort offers a wide array of vacation favorites, everything from fine dining and nightclubs to watersports, shopping, and spa treatments.

Many of the travelers who arrive on the island visit on a cruise ship, especially those who want to explore a lot of the Caribbean on one vacation. If you're planning on a cruise, the best time to go to St Lucia is during the main season, October to April, when the bulk of the ships arrive. The terminals in Castries, which can accommodate up to five ships a day, is well equipped to meets of passengers. You can ask about St Lucia tourist information, grab a bit to eat, browse local arts and crafts, and do some duty-free shopping.

Whether you first arrive on one of the cruises or at the airport, deciding on the best time to go to St Lucia is another essential element of the planning process. While the weather is quite pleasant all year, the bulk of beachcombers plan St Lucia travel during the dry season, which is January to April. Even if snow is piling up at home, you'll leave all that behind to end warm sunny days, beautiful beaches, and the laid-back atmosphere of the Caribbean. A wide variety of hotels, resorts, and all inclusive packages are available, so you can find the ideal vacation for you when it works best for you.

For some vacationers, the best time to go to St Lucia is whenever their schedule opens up. Plenty of people enjoy spring break vacations, while others enjoy the holidays far away from home at this welcoming island nation. Others choose to visit when the kids are out of school for the summer. For travelers who don't need to worry about the school year, St Lucia is a welcoming destination throughout the year.

Whenever you find the chance to visit, you'll enjoy beautiful scenery, soft breezes, and welcoming hospitality that's become a signature of the Caribbean.



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