Cupecoy Beach

Cupecoy Beach is one that offers seclusion and quiet coupled with the warmth of the Caribbean sun. The Cupecoy Beach St Martin is partially a clothing optional beach, and is edged with unique rock formations, sandstone cliffs, and a variety of caves as one of the popular locations for scuba diving.

If you wish to sunbath totally nude, then you can do so at the far western edge of the beach, which is of course the clothing optional area. Many travel guides state that this beach is a gay beach, however, it is not officially a gay beach and all are welcome here. As with any beach in St Martin or anywhere, some couples may be gay and some may not be.

You can reach Cupe Coy Beach St. Martin by driving past Ocean Club. Here you will find a parking area on the road near the shoreline. Stairs beside the parking area lead to the beach, and the path splits so you can go to the clothing optional side known as the natural beach, or to the side where visitors wear clothing.

This beach in St Martin has had a few rough bouts with Mother Nature—hurricanes, strong winter winds, and drifts took away much of the sand. The beach was filled once again with new sand, but is still not as wide as it was in the past. Other beaches through St Martin offering wider and longer beaches, but they are not as excluded and private.

If you have small children the Cupecoy Beach St Martin is not for you. The waters are rough and with surf as high as two to three feet young children will not be able to enjoy calm water. The winds are not too bad as the rocks hold it back. Anse Marcel is a better beach in St Martin for younger children. This area is also not ideal for snorkeling because of these same conditions.

The beach itself is not the white powdery sand you might imagine when you think of the Caribbean, but is rich coral sand that many people love. Cupecoy Beach is very popular for explorers that want to discover the uniqueness found in caves dotting the countryside.

There are no restaurants or food vendors here, but once in a while you may find a local that sells drinks. However, you will not go hungry as the resort area is not far away and you can find all kinds of local cuisine, cafés, bars, and shopping options. The only amenities found on Cupecoy Beach are chairs, umbrellas, and a barbeque area.

For a beautiful beach that provides you with a bit of seclusion, venture out from your hotel or villa and explore the romantic setting found at Cupecoy Beach St Martin.

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Cupecoy Beach

Cupecoy Beach

Cupecoy Beach is one that offers seclusion and quiet coupled with the warmth...

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