St Martin Food

St Martin food is a mix of French, Creole, Italian, and Caribbean traditions with a large variety of unique meals to tempt anyone's taste buds. Not only will you find a wealth of cuisines for your palate to enjoy, but you will also be able to find a delightful array of atmospheres for your mind and soul.

Many of the St Martin restaurants offer food imported from the US and Europe along with exquisite wines, while using an array of traditional herbs, sauces, and spices that tempt you with both their aromas as well as their tastes.

Along with the variety of food in St Maarten, you will be able to find several barbeque huts and even fast food establishments for visitors who would rather be out and about than enjoying a fine dining experience.

Local diners are also abundant around the island offering traditional St Martin food, Asian, American, and European with a large range of price tags from affordable to expensive.

The best restaurants in St Martin really depend on the type of cuisine you love. Many tourist love the French restaurants, however, you will be able to find your own favorite cuisine with the many restaurants in St Martin.

Grand Case is home to the majority of restaurants. Throughout the city, you will find exquisite cuisines served at the restaurants including American, French, and Italian.

Food in St Maarten, however, is different from the other side of the island. Here, most of the restaurants serve Indian, Indonesian, and Italian cuisine.

Of course, you should expect to find several French restaurants due to the French history with the island. In contrast, you will not find much in the way of Dutch foods on the St Maarten side as food here reflects the flavors of the West Indies Creole style.

Locals offer St Martin food at an affordable price through various vendor stands that provide such treats as grilled or barbecued chicken or fish. These vendors offer very affordable food when you consider the price of the fancy restaurants that import the majority of their ingredients.

The best restaurants in St Martin serve a wide variety of food such as foie gras, pastries, and breads. Of course, since you are in the Caribbean many visitors prefer to partake of the seafood dishes. The most popular dishes include meals with lobster, salmon, and red snapper prepared in either French or Creole style. Creole spices may be a bit spicy for some and are often found in popular dishes like boudin and stews.

If you are really adventurous you may wish to try a specific food in St Maarten known as the national dish, callaloo soup. This spicy soup is created with pork, chicken stock, onion, hot peppers, okra, callaloo leaves, along with other secret ingredients. This may be the most popular dish seen throughout the Caribbean and is a sure fire way to fit in with the locals. Another favorite dish served at the best restaurants in St Martin is Johnny Cakes, which can be grilled or fried. You must try the local cuisine of St Martin to enjoy the full Caribbean experience.

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