St Maarten Diving

St Maarten diving is very popular as are several areas throughout the Caribbean; however, diving in St Martin allows you to see a large variety of marine life that only call this area home. You may wish to include deep sea fishing in St Martin or even a snorkeling excursion to Pinal Island in your diving experience. Either way you can find various tours near Orient Beach to take you on adventures.

St Martin diving can be enjoyed by first timers as well as professionals that enjoy the various coral reefs, shipwrecks, and other great underwater sights. You will find there are several dive shops that will aid you in all your St Maarten diving needs, from lessons to tours, so you can make sure to experience all the beauty and magnificent areas of the islands.

Scuba diving in St Maarten is an adventure like no other with such popular dive spots as the Maze, Proselyte Reef, Cable Reef, and Carib Cargo. However, what makes scuba diving in St Maarten unique is one particular location that many other Caribbean Islands wish they had—Saba. Saba is practically totally unknown except for a few people that live on this island and the scuba divers that visit all the time. The only way to experience this island is through St Martin diving. You will arrive in St Martin and then be taken to a Saba by way of a smaller plane, where you will be able to explore a small island that many do not know exists. St Martin Diving at the Marine Park at Saba island will allow you to explore the 29 dive sites that are only 15 minutes from the dock.

All dive operators have experience in diving in St Martin and may not take you to the same spot as you may have seen on your last visit. The operators choose the location for St Martin diving the morning of the dive to ensure that the weather, water conditions, and visibility is the best for the area before taking divers. This way you can enjoy what scuba diving in St Maarten in really all about instead of trying to see marine life through milky waters. As with all St Maarten diving spots, no one can promise what you might see on the day you scuba dive; however, Saba is home to a large variety of marine life so you are highly likely to see many interesting species.

Scuba diving in St Maarten at Saba will give you the chance to see angelfish, nurse sharks, blacktip sharks, blue tangs, hawksbill turtles, southern sting rays, spotted moray eels, barracuda, parrotfish, groupers, spiny lobsters, garden eels, trumpet fish, coral, and sponges. The most popular are the purple tube sponges, brain coral, and sea fans. Every once in awhile you may even catch a glimpse of an octopus, seahorse, giant manta rays, or hammerhead sharks. Diving in St Martin is one that will encompass a large variety of exquisite coral and several different species of marine life.

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