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If you love taking vacations during exciting events and festivals, then St Martin has much to offer year round. Events in St Maarten are just as numerous as the ones you find on the St Martin side, and both sides of the island offer wonderful events and festivals the entire family can enjoy. In January, you will find St Martin events such as Harmony Night. Beginning in January and ending in April, on each Tuesday night you will see how Grand Case village comes alive with exquisite dining and entertainment throughout the street. The main street is transformed into a festival atmosphere with all shops staying open later so you can enjoy all the fun and shopping as well. As far as St. Martin festivals go, this one is fun for all.

Starting in December until March, you may wish to visit Marigot on Wednesday or Sunday nights. During this St Martin festival known as Do It We Way, you can sample local cuisine, listen to Caribbean bands, and of course enjoy the beauty of the waterfront.

February brings Carnaval, this major local event is one of the most popular St Martin festivals. The locals prepare for months their flamboyant costumes, floats, and music for this long festival that begins before Mardi Gras and ends the beginning of March. Carnaval Village in Marigot is the start of all the great activities.

For sailors, the most attractive of the St Martin festivals is undoubtedly the Heineken Regatta. Taking place in March, this intense sailing race is one of the most popular St Martin festivals with its colorful sails against the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean as sailors both amateur and pro compete.

Events in St Maarten also include a Carnaval, similar to the one you see on the French side just prior to Madri Gras, only on this side of the island it is held for seventeen days in April. From the very beginning until the end there is nonstop fun and entertainment with a large variety of Caribbean costumes, calypso bands, and Creole treats making it at the top of the list of best events in St Maarten to attend, especially if you want to get in touch with local culture.

An event in St Maarten that will perk up the golfers in the family is the St Maarten Golf Tournament. The event is a fundraiser held at Mullet Bay and aids various causes. Anyone that wishes to join in the fun can participate and golf on this exquisite course.

June is the month for St Martin events such as the Deep Sea Fishing Tournament and the Soualiga Unity Cup. The Billfish Tournament brings fishermen from all over the world to try to break the record and win the title. The Soualiga Unity Cup on the other hand is a football tournament that brings many enthusiasts.

June is also the month for another festival which may be one of the most popular St Martin festivals, the Music Festival. This delightful festival takes place in Marigot, is a two-day event with local and international musicians, and has bands both amateur and professional.

These are just a few of the wonderful St Martin events that await visitors. No matter when you visit, you are sure to find an event or festival. After all this is the Caribbean.

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