St Martin Fishing

Fishing in the Caribbean is more than just an afternoon sitting in a rowboat or on the bank waiting for a fish to bite. Fishing in St Maarten encompasses a wide range of adventures that allow you to really catch the big one and even take it home to prove you are not telling another fish story about the one that got away. Fishing in St Maarten allows you to enjoy an entire day or a half day trying to hook such fish as the white marlin, blue marlin, or big eye tuna. You may even feel the thrill when you find that you are pulling in a mahi mahi or Spanish mackerel. Many fishermen love the excitement of catching a barracuda or even a sailfish to mount above their fireplace. St Martin deep sea fishing allows you the chance to really haul in even such large fish as the king fish or possibly a dolphin. The possibilities are endless when you are on the open sea in the Caribbean enjoying St Martin fishing.

Fishing in St Maarten can even include saltwater fishing from several of the beaches. All you need is a rod and reel. Of course, you will not be able to pull in the big ones, but you will be able to enjoy a relaxing day fishing in the Caribbean.

You can find a boat to rent at various water-sport facilities for your St Martin fishing excursion. On the other hand, if you really want to experience St Martin deep-sea fishing the best way is to charter a boat with a crew that is experienced with the waters around the island. You may even find a local fisherman that will take you out on his daily run and give you a few pointers on catching the fish that call the area home. If you do decide to use a charter company or tour company for your St Martin fishing, it is best if you reserve your boat in advance, especially if you wish to visit during the summer peak months. Remember, St Martin deep sea fishing is very popular and many fishermen reserve charters in anticipation of their vacation several months in advance.

You can find several companies offering excursions for deep sea fishing in St Martin. You can choose from half-day, three-quarter day, or a full-day excursion for four to six people. In most cases, drinks and snacks will be provided by the charter company along with lunch or a dinner of the fish you caught after your excursion!

Whether you decide to go it alone, charter a boat, or take a tour, you are sure to have the thrill of your life when you feel the line dart out across the waves and you fight to pull in the big one, the really big one, during your St Martin fishing excursion. While you are out for the day enjoying St Martin fishing, your family can be lounging on the beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, or finding other great things to do in St Martin.

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