Marigot St Martin

Marigot St Martin is the capital of the French side of the island located on the northeastern part of the island in St Andrew parish. At one time, Marigot was a quaint fishing village. Today, it is much like any small Caribbean town with a variety of restaurants and shops dotting the countryside.

Marigot shopping may be one of the most popular things to do on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, as these are market days. This is a wonderful time to enjoy many of the local farmer's treats such as sweet potatoes, coconuts, tropical fruits, local spices, fresh fish, and of course enjoy a glimpse of the various local arts and crafts. You may wish to purchase not only food but also some of the beautiful crafts created by locals in the area.

When it comes to Marigot shopping, market days are the best time to enjoy mixing with the locals, learning about their culture and partaking of their wares. The open-air market is located on the Boulevard de France along the wharves. Another great shopping spot on the island is Philipsburg, St Maarten, where you can enjoy four streets full of unique and charming shops offering a wide variety of items.

Along with Marigot shopping, Marigot vacations encompass the beauty of the cliffs along the coastline, the wide magnificent bays, and the sunny beaches. The culture in Marigot St Martin is one that is a delightful blend of British, Creole, Carib Indian, African, and French making the area unique to explore. One area of Marigot St Martin is reserved for the Carib Indians, and here you will be able to see the lifestyle of this tribe, which was prominent in the Caribbean Islands after they overtook the Arawak Indians. In the Carib village, you will find a wide array of handcrafted items such as can baskets and canoes.

Of course, dealing with Marigot tourism you must mention all the water activities that are found in Marigot St Martin. Many tourists take part in sailing, swimming, wind surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing. However, there is more to Marigot than just fun on the beaches; Marigot St Martin is home to the Habitation Chabert. This museum gives you to get a glimpse into the past. Located in a nineteenth century lime and sugar factory, the museum has many exhibits including artifacts, weapons, and maps.

One of the fun activities you must include on your Marigot vacations is a trip by boat to Prickly Pear Island. Many love the small boat ride as much as the snorkeling adventure around the untouched island. The majority of boat tours to Prickly Pear Island are on catamarans or sailboats. Prickly Pear is an uninhabited island with all tours bringing along their own employees to serve guests at the bar. You can find a tour going to this island at Pelican Marina.

Another hot spot for Marigot vacations is the Marina Royale. This marina is more than just a home to the yachts along the docks. Today, you will find a large variety of waterfront cafes, craft shops, bistros, and a wonderful museum with Haitian artwork.

As you stroll down the streets of Marigot, you will have to enjoy the unique colorful homes that make Marigot more than just a city on the bay, but one that has unimaginable character.

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