Orient Beach

Orient Beach St Martin is one of the most popular beaches on the island, one reason being that Orient Beach St Maarten is the home to Club Orient at the southern end of the very well-known beach for naturist or nudists. One thing to remember is that the northern end of the Orient Beach on the St Martin side is not clothing optional, whereas the St Maarten side is clothing optional. Yes, this is a bit confusing, but the French are responsible for the beach on the St Martin side and the Dutch on the St Maarten side. The only rule is that you must wear clothing on the Dutch side.

Of course, you can visit the Orient Beach St Maarten if you are not a guest of the resort and enjoy the treats at the restaurant inside Club Orient. Just remember you may have other guests partaking of the delectable treats here in the nude.

Cruise ship guests often visit Orient Beach St Maarten just in order to see the lively individuals strolling around in the nude. Many try to photograph the nudists, but security does their best to stop any type of picture taking on the resort's beach area. This does not stop visitors from staring. You will love the beach bars on Orient Beach, with affordable prices along with delectable local cuisine. For enjoying your Orient Beach vacation, the nightlife offered along the beach with the unique beach bars and dancing in the sand will be at the top of the list.

An Orient Beach vacation means cool trade winds and light waves and a large variety of water sports. You can enjoy excellent swimming even for the young ones. Snorkeling and sailing are also awesome for those that want to be a bit more adventurous.

Do not think all there is to do is lie on the beach and do water sports. Orient Beach is unique in that it has a shopping gallery on the main street leading directly to the beach. Here there is a beauty institute, a photo shop, a tobacco shop, and a few more enticing shops to browse.

All along Orient Beach, you will find a wide range of establishments such as fine dining, boutiques, snack bars, and various water sport equipment rental facilities. Popular foods on the beach include fresh lobster and grilled meats or even sushi. At Orient Beach St Maarten you will not only enjoy a clothing-optional beach and the amenities of the resort, but you will be close to all kinds of exciting activities. Here you will be able to watch those parasailing, waterskiing, and snorkeling as well. Better yet, try one of these for yourself! When the sun goes down, be prepared to dance barefoot in the sand to samba, salsa, or merengue music.

No matter if you wish your Orient Beach vacation to be on the Dutch side or the French side, you will find so much to do and see that you will enjoy every moment. With all the wonderful activities, you may not even take a break long enough to enjoy just relaxing on the beach and getting that beautiful tan.

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