Philipsburg St Maarten

Philipsburg St Martin is located on the St Maarten side of the island and is the capital of St Maarten.

The capital of St Maarten is the most popular destination for cruise ships arriving to Philipsburg St Martin. Guests enjoy gazing at the beautiful cliffs overlooking the bay while strolling along the boardwalk on the beach. Front Street may be the most popular street in the St Maarten capital with a mile-long mall providing all kinds of unique shops to browse.

The entire capital of St Maarten only encompasses four streets, but has everything you might want. The great news for shoppers is that all of St Martin is duty free, but in this four-street section, you have many vendors all trying their best to get your business, so there are even more bargains to be had. Some of the stores you will find in Philipsburg St Martin include jewelry, perfume, alcohol, electronics, and local crafts.

Not only will you love the shopping adventures that await you in the capital of St Maarten, but you will also adore the delightful cuisine. You wont want to stop trying all the varieties of cuisines including French, Creole, Chinese, Indian, and Dutch. Plus, all along the beach, you will find beach bars offering tropical drinks and other delights.

If you plan a Philipsburg vacation, your days will be filled with many unique and wonderful sights to see and places to explore, not just shopping and eating.

Great Bay is the popular beach in Philipsburg and is the longest and widest on the island. Little Bay is only a short distance away as well, providing guests with several water-sport facilities where the family can enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling as well as wakeboarding, parasailing, and bodysurfing.

Your Philipsburg vacation must include at least one casino since the majority of the casinos are located in and around Philipsburg. Casinos are only found on the Dutch side of St Martin, therefore if you are looking for the excitement of gambling, then Philipsburg St Martin is your kind of town. The casinos have a wide range of gambling opportunities from slots to table games to sports books. Entertainment is also one of the major attractions at the Princess Casino or Casino Royale.

Along with fun at the slots, tables, and listening to live bands or watching a show, the casinos in Philipsburg St Martin offers unique cuisine. The majority of the casinos are home in lavish resorts while a few that mainly offer slots are smaller and not associated with any type of resort.

No matter what your pleasure, the beach, water sports, exploring the cliffs, casinos, or entertainment, a Philipsburg vacation brings you all that and more in a tropical setting like no other.

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