St Maarten Sailing

People travel from all over the world to this tropical island for the awesome adventure of St Maarten sailing. Some of the best sailing in St Martin is due to the awesome marinas, calm to moderate waters, and the proximity to many small islands. Along with sailing and yachting, parasailing in St Martin is another popular activity. Visitors to St Martin enjoy all kinds of water sports besides sailing such as lounging on Cupecoy Beach or taking a tour of the various secluded islands around St Martin.

You may not believe just how great St Martin sailing is until you try it for yourself. Many sailing and boating enthusiasts visit the island every year for the various annual sailing regattas that are hosted here, especially the Heineken Regatta. The Heineken Regatta may be the most popular St Maarten sailing event, and is held in March of each year. This unique event brings in over 200 boats and sailors from all over the world to compete. However, there are several other smaller events centered on sailing in St Martin every year.

Everyone from beginners to professional sailors must pay attention while sailing in St Martin due to the Atlantic Ocean. There are stronger currents and larger waves as you near the ocean to the north of the island. If you are not sure about the currents or this is your first time sailing in these waters, you may wish to take along an experienced crew.

If you wish to get out there and try some St Martin sailing, but do not have your own boat, there are several charter boats that will give you plenty of experience on the Caribbean Sea. The most common type of charter boat for St Maarten Sailing is a bareboat. These boats let you be in total control of the navigation and, of course, everything else needed, so you should know a bit about sailing, or you may find that you need a well-experienced crew.

Another great way in which to experience sailing in St Martin is with crewed charter boats. This type of charter allows you to enjoy sailing, but you will have a captain and crew so you can just enjoy the ride.

If you want to try your hand at parasailing in St Martin then you may wish to visit Baie Orientale on the French side of the island. Parasailing can be an adventure as long as you have trained professionals behind the wheel or giving you advice. There are several parasailing operators that can make your dream of parasailing in St Martin come true.

No matter if, you wish to enjoy parasailing in St Martin or be the captain of your own sailboat, St Martin is one of the best places to sail the blue waters of the Caribbean.

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