St Martin Shopping

St Martin shopping is a great experience as both sides of the island are duty free, which allows visitors to purchase anything they desire without paying duties for any item whether coming into St Martin or leaving. Along with paying no duty fees, you can find all kinds of unique items that are half the price you would pay anywhere else. Some of the things you can find are jewelry, perfume, crystal, and electronics. Visitors returning to the US are given an 800-dollar allowance. It is possible that you will need to pay taxes on the items when returning to the US even though you enjoyed the duty free shops in St Martin. You will be allowed to purchase and take home 100 non-Cuban cigars, 200 cigarettes, about one-quarter gallon of alcohol (1 liter metric) with the stipulation that you have been outside the US for over 48 hours.

The best St Martin shopping is located in Philipsburg. Philipsburg, the capital of St Maarten, is only four streets in size, but has the most concentrated shops and restaurants you’ll find during your St Martin excursion. A matter of fact, many cruise ships dock in Philipsburg so their guests can partake of the fun shopping and cuisine along Front Street. US dollars are the St Maarten currency on this side of the island, which makes your shopping in St Maarten even easier. On the French side of the island French currency is used as the main St Martin currency. Therefore you will need to have your US dollars exchanged if you wish to save time. Jewelry stores are the most popular stores for St Martin shopping, with Philipsburg at the top of the list. You can find a large variety of shops that sell Swiss watches, loose diamonds, loose emeralds, and more. However, you will also find unique shops with international fashions, leather goods, French cosmetics, televisions, CD players, and cameras to name a few of the more popular items.

On the other hand, shopping in St Maarten does not have to be only for things that you might find at home. St Martin shopping will allow you to find such unique items as West Indian hammocks, handmade jewelry, and guavaberry liquor. Guavaberry liquor is a popular alcoholic beverage made from a local fruit that only grows in the Caribbean along with rum.

Perhaps an ideal combination of things to do is to go shopping in St Maarten after you win big at one of the casinos. Many stay open until early morning, just in case a jackpot winner craves spending some of their winnings.

As stated earlier, the best shopping in St Maarten is found in Philipsburg along Front Street. You will find a large variety of shops offering a wide range of duty free goods. Tasty treats such as guavaberry liquor are abundant at various stores. Jewelry stores offering the finest china, crystal, and jewelry of all kinds along with loose diamonds, cosmetics, and perfumes. Unique shops offering more than just specific category are fun and allow you to browse for such things as handmade crafts, hammocks, locals herbs, and guavaberry liquor.

Shops in St Martin are not as crowded as you might expect, and you can find quite a few stores that are sure to give you wonderful items to take home. No matter what side of St Martin you visit, you are sure to enjoy all the fun shops and of course the duty free shopping experience.

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