St Martin Snorkeling

The island of St Martin is surrounded on all sides by beautiful and unique coral reefs, which provide exceptional possibilities for snorkeling adventures the entire family can and will enjoy. St Martin snorkeling encompasses shoreline or boat snorkeling excursions with a large variety of unique marine life to explore. The most common things you will see underwater on your St Martin snorkel experience are surgeonfish, parrotfish, and grunts. However, on the south or east side of the island, snorkeling in St Maarten will allow you to view such marine life as hawksbill, leatherback, green turtles, and more.

You can find several St Martin snorkel shops offering you not only all the equipment you need for snorkeling or St Martin diving excursions, but will also give you all the pointers as to where you will find the best marine life, the best places for beginners, and even give you an idea of where the children will also be able to snorkel

St Martin snorkeling has visibility up to 100 feet and is many cases as far as 200 feet. The coral reefs are beautiful and unique as many offer sights that only exist in the Caribbean and sea life that call the area home.

The most popular places for St Martin snorkeling are Dawn Beach, Simpson Bay, and Mullet Beach.

Dawn Beach is a great place for your St Martin snorkel adventure with the reef running along side the beach. This area is often called the best diving spot on the seaside of the reef. If you plan to snorkel here, watch for the cross current and be careful when the trade winds are strong. Dawn Beach offers white powdery sand and is located on the eastern side of the island. This spot for snorkeling in St Maarten is not really the best for small children as the water can be rough at times. However, it is an awesome beach for the kids to build sand castles.

Many of the resorts offer St Martin snorkel tours so you should always let them know if you would like to take the family out on a reef. They will be able to reserve you a spot during a tour that will provide you with the best area for snorkeling in St Maarten with children. Of course, many of the snorkeling spots are also wonderful areas for St Martin diving as well.

You can enjoy a wide range of activities from St Martin snorkeling to scuba diving, or even sailing or hiking, in the Caribbean during your vacation on St Martin.

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