St Martin Beaches

St Martin is an island consisting of half French half Dutch territories, which is why you may see it also referred to as St Maarten. This is a beautiful island with 30 white sand beaches lining its shore.

St Martin beaches stretch along the North Shore, which is the French territory and all along the southern coast, in the Dutch territory. The beaches in St Martin have something for everyone, perfect to suit the taste of every paradise lover! There are even several clothing optional beaches in St Martin, especially enjoyed by the Europeans; a lot of Caribbean beach pictures higlight Orient Beach in particular, which is one of the biggest destinations on the island.

Beaches St Martin, North Territory (St Martin):

On the northern shore, there are plenty of beautiful St Martin beaches. There is a secluded beach called Petite Cayes, a bit off the mainland of St Martin. It is full of golden sands, and also a clothing optional beach.

Pinel Island Beach is a bit off the northeastern shore. It is protected, so the surf is low and the sea calm for swimming and relaxing. Another of the clothing optional St Martin beaches, it is secluded, but does have a few restaurants and a gift shop.

Anse Marcel is off the northwestern coast of St Martin, it’s the perfect beach for a family to have fun and frolic in the sun. This is part of the Meridian hotel chain so rental of chairs, umbrellas and other amenities is possible. There is also marina close by the St Martin beach where you can find restaurants, hotels and shops.

Another beach off the northwestern shore is Grand Case on a curved cove. This beach is a good place to find a restaurant then go for a stroll at sunset. There is also some good snorkeling and a several shacks on the beach that serve cheap food and drinks.

On the eastern shore is the very famous Orient Bay or Orient Beach. It has a protected marine park that offers some of the best snorkeling of any St Martin beaches. Sometimes referred to as the Caribbean Riviera, this beach is the most popular and also the most populated. Orient Beach is also home to the renowned Club Orient, which has a very well known for its clothing optional beach. There is also a lot of action on this St Martin beach, which several water sports rentals and cabanas by the beach playing Caribbean music.

Le Galion on the eastern coast is a haven for surfers and windsurfers. It"s very shallow so also good for small children and babies. Because this beach St Martin is close to a nature preserve there, is some good horse back riding provided by the locals. If you want a fun thing to do in the Caribbean, try a little horseback riding off this St Martin beach. The road in is difficult so allow for a little extra time on the way in and out.

Another good beach for water sports is Nettle Bay on the western coast. This beach in St Martin is good for waterskiing, wakeboarding or kite surfing. Plum Bay, also on the Western shore, is a secluded and undeveloped St Martin Beach that is frequented by surfers. A good place for a romantic afternoon but be careful of the rocky shore and the coral in the shallow waters. This is another of the beaches in St Martin that’s a great spot for watching the sunset.

Beaches St Martin, South Territory (St Maarten):

A secluded St. Maarten beach is Guana Bay, on the Dutch eastern shore. It has only one restaurant and no facilities but is good for the romantic getaway.

Of the clothing optional St. Maarten beaches, it’s on the southwestern shore of the Dutch territory. It is a rocky beach with high waves, so be careful in the surf. There are restaurants and beach rentals close by, a good place to spend the day.

Mullet Bay is one of the St. Maarten beaches popular with the surfers due to the excellent rolling waves. There are some caves nearby and places to rent equipment. You can get some food and other amenities here as well.

The calm waters at Little Bay beach make this one of the St. Maarten beaches an excellent spot for snorkeling. The nearby resort offers water sports accessories and there is a nearby restaurant and other amenities.

Great Bay is close to the cruise ship dock with a recently remodeled boardwalk and tourist area that is a real nice place to watch the cruise ships come and go.

Whatever your taste the beaches St Martin are an excellent place to spend your next vacation.

Top image: St Martin Tourist Bureau
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