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The separate sides of St. Martin/St. Maarten can make staying on the island slightly complex. If you want a resort or large-scale hotel, the Dutch side is the place to go. A hotel in St. Martin is often a quieter, smaller affair. If you want to do some gambling while on the island, you have to stay on the Dutch side too – there are no casinos attached to any of the St. Martin resorts. But the French side remains the greater tourist draw, due in no small part to being home to Baie Orientale and the finest French cuisine this side of the Atlantic.

Accommodations on the island differ greatly on each section of the island. Many prefer the intimate and soothing St. Martin hotels to the glitzy casinos that define the Dutch side. Time shares are also quite popular on the island (especially on the French side) making a reservation for a St. Martin resort or hotel a little more difficult, as more and more of the seaside properties are unavailable to the casual visitor. In St. Maarten, Maho Bay and Philipsburg tend to be the hot spots to stay. Though Simpson Bay has done nothing but grow over the past ten years and with continuing development in the planning stages, it"s only a matter of time before the bay to ascend into a similar category.

But there is a more authentic feel to a hotel in St. Martin. While the Dutch side resembles Aruba in many ways, St. Martin maintains itself like the French West Indies – aloof and unpretentious. There will be few places trying to “wow” you. On the French side, what you see is what you get. Lodging plays no small part in this - for most visitors to St. Martin villas are the height of Caribbean intrigue. There"s such a wide variety of villas offered that it"s nearly impossible not to find what you are looking for – and the same can be said for nearly any hotel in St. Martin too. Decor is Mediterranean, appearing like something you"d find on the south of France. St. Tropez, Cannes – their Caribbean counterparts exist on this island. Though there aren"t a lot of St. Martin resorts, the ones that do exist are entrenched in luxury and high-class amenities, such as Le Priviledge and the Alamanda Resorts. If you have the money to spend, there are few other places in the region that can match these resorts, especially with both having wonderful restaurants on site. Alamanda is fortuitously located on Baie Orientale, where it"s fairly hard to go wrong. The Green Cay Village is also found there, though far up the hills. This entire complex of St. Martin villas is surrounded by acres of pristine forestation, and the views are unmatched on the island.

Grand Case is every bit the equal of Baie Orientale, though the prices do not reflect it. Here, your bank account will take somewhat of a breather while you explore the restaurants and sands found nearby the St. Martin villas on Grand Case. The Grand Case Beach Club is amazing, while the Hotel L"Esplanade Caraibes is right up the hill. Most of the revenue brought in by these hotels are from return guests, a genuine selling point if there ever was one.

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