St Martin Surf

Both the St Martin surf and the St Maarten surf are perfect for surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. The reason there are two different spellings for the same island is that the French own the St Martin side, while the Dutch own the St Maarten side.

St Martin surfing is the most popular during the winter months when the St Martin surf is at its best—from November until the end of March on the northern and western coasts. On the other hand, the eastern coast is best from July until the end of November. The most popular St Martin surfing spots include Le Galion, Guana Bay, Orient Bay, and Mullet Bay. You will find several water sports facilities offering all the equipment you will need for St Martin surfing such as the Windy Reef and the Tropical Wave.

Kitesurfing is an adventure that is very popular with the St Maarten surf. Along the coast, the waters are calm but are still powerful and thrilling enough for kitesurfing. Even beginners will enjoy this new activity that is taking St Martin by storm. Just to give you a hint of this exciting new sport, you will be riding a surfboard while keeping a kite in the sky above the blue waters of the Caribbean. The most popular and best spots for kitesurfing include Le Galion and Orient Bay. You can even learn all there is to know about kitesurfing at the kitesurfing school on Orient Bay. Newcomers will try out their skills at the secluded Green Cay beach where the St Martin surf is best for beginners. For experts, the best place for kitesurfing is at Baie d'Embouchure.

Windsurfing is another great way to enjoy the St Maarten surf. The best time for windsurfing is during the winter months due to the strong trade winds that make it hard to enjoy when you are fighting the winds which is present during the summer months. For those just learning windsurfing, the best location is Orient Bay. However, windsurfing on the St Martin surf allows for a wide variety of surfing opportunities such as flat-water sailing, chop sailing, and wave sailing. If you are seeking St Martin surfing over swells, chop, or flat water, you will love Green Cay and Pinel Island. Windsurfers normally enjoy Le Galion Beach the most until they become experts, then the waters around St Martin are their playground.

Whether you wish to enjoy St Martin surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, or just lounging around on one of the St Martin beaches, you will find there are so many beaches of various sizes offering all kinds of activities. You can take lessons for surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, or even sailing through various companies and resorts so you can enjoy your favorite St Martin beach along with your favorite water sport.

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