Terres Basses

Terres Basses is a residential community located on the western end of the island past Simpson Bay Lagoon. This lowland area is home to three gorgeous beaches, which are Plum Bay, Baie Rouge, and Baie Longue, along with various villas that entice visitors into the Caribbean lifestyle. Plum Bay in Terres Basses St Martin is a secluded beach near to Long Beach, where surfers love to play. This may be one of the most romantic beaches on the island with calm waters and the chance for a bit of privacy, especially throughout the weekdays. You will need to bring everything you need for the day, from chairs to food, as there are no amenities on the beach.

Baie Rouge is another awesomely quiet beach in Terres Basses that allows an intimate place to lounge around with that special someone. Along with being such a quiet beach, the view of Anguilla is breathtaking, as is the view of the cliffs protecting the beach on the west and the Devil's One to the east. Both Anguilla and Devil"s One are islands that can be seen from Terres Basses St Martin, which can also be a great daytrip to explore these other Caribbean Islands and enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving tours.

If you want the beach where the rich and famous vacation, then Baie Longue Terres Basses St Martin is perfect. It is not only a gorgeous beach, but is home to the La Samanna Hotel. The resort hotel has seen quite a few stars visit such as Robert De Niro and Jackie Onassis. However, the beach has more to offer than just a resort hotel. The two-mile-long sandy beach is home to many multimillion-dollar homes and is always a great place for a quiet retreat, as not many people frequent this beach. If romance is your idea of a great evening, then this is a great spot to cuddle up under the stars.

You will find that Terres Basses villas may be just what you are looking for in accommodations, and there are several villa options within Terres Basses to add to your list. Once you have your list together, you can choose the best Terres Basses villa for your vacation on St Martin.

Villa Harmony is on Plum Bay with a French Caribbean atmosphere. Adorned with furnishings from the seventeenth and eighteenth century, these Terres Basses Villas offer seclusion and romantic ambience. Only adding more appeal is the Caribbean Sea at your doorstep and an outdoor pool as well.

Villa Soleil Eternel is another lavish Terres Basses Villa. This villa property is Caribbean all the way with a bit of luxury on the side. Spacious and beautiful accommodations will give your family enough room to have their own space and enjoy their vacation the way they desire, sun bathe beside the pool, or just take it easy while viewing the Caribbean Sea and nearby islands from your private terrace.

Terres Basses is known as the place for a romantic getaway where you can enjoy the tropical setting without all the hustle and bustle of the touristy areas. Let yourself enjoy basking in the sun as if you were a local while staying in one of the Terres Basses villas or enjoy being pampered at one of the luxurious resorts.

From this location on St Martin you will find that it is a great location for visiting other areas of the island for all kinds of fun things to do in St Martin.

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