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There are many things to do in St Martin no matter what side of the island you may be visiting. The island is unique in that it belongs to two nations. The French side is larger, however, the Dutch side is home to the popular beaches. Not only will you enjoy the activities but you will also love the St Martin attractions. There are a few St Martin attractions that you must not forget to see while you are here, which include everything from hiking to museums.


The white sandy beaches are, of course, one of the most popular things to do in St Martin. However, when we talk about the beaches we must divide the island once again so you will be able to find the best beaches while you are searching for things to do in St Martin. There are over 30 beaches on both sides of the island with all kinds of activities.

Orient Beach is located on both the French side, and the Dutch side at the other end of the beach. The French end of the beach is a clothing optional beach close to Club Orient. On both sides, the beach offers unique water sports such as swimming, snorkeling, sailing, and dining at the various beach cafes.

Cupecoy Beach is one of the Dutch St Maarten sights, and does allow clothing optional sunbathing on the western edge of the beach. The beach is mainly for adults as the water can be rough at times and the surf reaches over their heads. For an evening stroll this is the best place to view the sunset.

Beaches are at the top of the list for St Maarten things to do as there are beaches with a wide variety of diverse activities from sailing to swimming, surfing to sunbathing.


Surfing and body boarding begin when the winter waves hit the island in November and continue in popularity until March. The most popular surfing spots include Guana Bay, Orient Bay, Le Galion, and Mullet Bay. Guana Bay is more a less a secluded beach without any amenities of any type but the sun, surf, and beach. Orient Bay on the other hand is very well known and you will be sharing the beach and the ocean with many tourists. Another popular point with Orient Beach is it is a nude beach and home to the Club Orient. Le Galion Beach is just a short distance southeast from Orient Bay. The beach is protected by a coral reef allowing all kinds of great water fun even for the younger children as you can go about 30 yards into the surf and it is still not even waist deep. Mullet Bay is another great family beach. Besides surfing, you can enjoy snorkeling and even explore caves.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Many St Maarten things to do are water based, and a couple of the most popular are snorkeling and scuba diving. The crystal clear water allows visibility up to 100 feet and in some cases more. The coral reefs are great places to encounter the creatures that call the area home while enjoying the warm waters of the Caribbean.

Popular spots for both are Dawn Beach where the coral reef is parallel to the beach. Friar’s Bay is another great spot for snorkeling down the coastline where you can see banded coral shrimp, arrow crabs, and purple tipped sea anemone. One more place great for snorkeling or diving is LLe Pinel, southeast of the island. These may be great spots but you need to watch it when the trade winds are from the north or when there are big swells as you will not be able to enjoy it as much. These things can limit your ability to see all that is living under the sea and the beauty of the coral and rock formations.


One of the most popular St Martin attractions is the Butterfly Farm. The Butterfly Farm located at Le Galion Beach Road Quartier D'Orleans is a must see for all those that enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean and the chance to see a large variety of butterflies in one place.

Hiking and Exploring

Pic du Paradis is the largest summit on the island offering a St Martin attraction that is more breathtaking than you might imagine. You can choose to drive to the summit, park in the parking area, and then head up to the summit on a short walk, or you can hike here from Loterie Farm at the foot of the mountain.

Loterie Farm is the only natural reserve on the island offering guests a chance to see all the fauna and flora that abound in its natural environment. The rain forest is sure to please every member of your family as you begin your climb to the summit. This is the most enjoyable area for many nature enthusiasts to mountain bike, hike, or enjoy an eco-tour.

Historical Sites

One of the most popular St Maarten sights is Fort St Louis. The fort is the largest historical site on the island, and allows you to view Marigot Bay and the rest of the island. A great place to visit for history buffs.


Another popular St Maarten sight is the museum. It is located beside the Marina Port la Royale. Here you will view pre-Columbian artifacts that date back to 1,800 BC and older.


Shopping cannot be left off of the things to do list and Le West Indies Shopping Mall in Marigot is one of those St Maarten sights you have to see to believe. You can enjoy three levels of shopping along with unique eateries.

As you can see, you can enjoy all kinds of wonderful things to do on both sides of this beautiful island.

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