St Martin Vacation

Due to the magnificent weather in the Caribbean, almost any time of the year is the perfect time for a St Martin vacation or a visit to the Dutch half of the island known as St Maarten Caribbean.

You may not wish to visit due to the humidity, which is always present during the rainy season in the summer months of June to November. Of course, hurricane season is another poor time to come to this island and occurs during the same time period. The good news is if you wish to partake of some St Martin travel during this time of the year, you are sure to find all kinds of deals on airfare, hotels, and even many attractions and activities. This is the low season when not many visitors come and the hotels wish to stay full if possible. You will enjoy cheaper prices and fewer crowds at the beaches, restaurants, and other attractions.

The high season for traveling to St Martin Island is from the middle of December until the middle of April. This may be the best time to visit if you desire the perfect tropical vacation, however, everyone else is thinking the same exact thing and you may have a hard time booking accommodation unless you book way in advance. From January until April, you should expect hot and humid weather; however, the trade winds keep it rather nice.

Before you decide to travel to St Martin Island, you must realize that the island is divided. The St Martin side is under control of the French, while the St Maarten side belongs to the Dutch. Even though this is true, the weather, tourist season, and even the off season are the same for both sides.

If you prefer to embark on your St Martin travel during the off season, which includes the summer months of June, July, and August, you will still be able to enjoy all the St Martin vacation fun, you’ll just encounter fewer crowds. There might be a bit more rain during this time, however, you will soon realize that it does not rain 24 hours a day and there is still plenty of time to enjoy all that St Maarten Caribbean has to offer. Remember, once the tourists head home, prices begin to decline all over the place. Not only do airfare and accommodations go down in price, but also many vendors slash their prices from 20 to 50 percent, so you can find some really awesome deals. Of course, stores may not be open as long as they are during the hot tourist season, and you may notice a bit more construction around the area preparing for the next season. If you do wish to visit St Martin Island during the low season, the humidity is a factor is you plan to do many outdoor activities such as biking or hiking.

If you love festivals, then you may wish to include one during your St Martin vacation. St Maarten as well as St Martin both have wonderful festivals. The St Maarten Heineken Regatta is an annual festival held at the beginning of March. The summer fest in July is seen in both St Martin and St Maarten offering nightly music ranging from gospel to hip-hop, reggae to jazz. Carnival is a popular time for those wishing to experience the Caribbean, which runs from the beginning of April until May.

As you can see, St Martin travel is perfect any time you wish to go. You can visit while other tourists are there or plan a St Martin vacation during the off season for great deals and beaches practically to yourself.

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