Bequia is a part of the Windward Islands in the Lower Antilles, specifically the largest island of the Caribbean island chain known as the Grenadines. Bequia is a part of the nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which is located in the eastern Caribbean Sea in between Barbados and Grenada. The capital of the island is Port Elizabeth. Other communities on this idyllic tropical island include Mount Pleasant, Belmont, Lower Bay, and Paget Farm. There are only about 4,500 residents on Bequia, and the tourism rarely ever disrupts the serene and tranquil atmosphere that is a hallmark of the island.

Bequia travel has become increasingly popular in the past decade, as resorts and other tourist accommodations have continued to be developed on the main island of St Vincent, as well as other islands like Mustique and Union Island. Many people planning a trip to this part of the Caribbean choose the largest of the Grenadine Islands because of the pristine, white-sand Bequia beaches. It is an added bonus that you will rarely ever find these beaches to be overcrowded, even in the peak tourist travel season. Most of the beaches on St Vincent Island are volcanic, black-sand beaches, with a couple of exceptions. Bequia Island in the Grenadines offers a wide array of white-sand beaches with crystal blue, reef-protected waters for amazing fishing, diving and snorkeling, boating, and sunbathing.

It is not difficult to see why Bequia is becoming one of the most popular destinations in St Vincent and the Grenadines. The Bequia beaches are reason enough to visit the island, but there are also a number of exciting events and festivals that go on throughout the year as well. The Easter Regatta, a popular boat race and favorite events for yachting enthusiasts, and the Bequia Blues Festival at the end of January are two popular events for visitors of St Vincent and the Grenadines as well as residents of the islands. Some of the best Bequia beaches include Lower Bay, Friendship Bay, and Belmont. You can access Lower Bay (perhaps the most popular of all the beaches) by foot, motorized vehicle, or boat. There are calm and clear waters as well as a range of restaurants, bars, and shops. Friendship Bay is also another favorite place for sunbathing, snorkeling, and swimming, and also features plenty of places to eat and drink and see entertainment. Belmont is a not only to enjoy relaxing on the beach, but also watching some beautiful boats drift by in the Harbor. This is a more secluded beach where you can enjoy romantic, moonlit walks.

Bequia travel may be enjoyed year round because of the tropical climate. Average temperatures hover around the 80-degree mark all year and there is never really a bad time for all of the activities that have begun to make St Vincent and the Grenadines such a popular tourist destination; namely, fishing, boating, diving, and other such water related sports and activities. If you decide to make Bequia travel the centerpiece of your upcoming trip to the Caribbean, be sure to book your hotel accommodations as far in advance as possible to make sure you get the place you want at a reasonable rate.



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