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Canouan hotels are excellent choices for accommodations in St Vincent and the Grenadines. The white sandy beaches, sparkling water, and colorful reefs make the island a favorite destination for people looking to get away to a virtual paradise on earth. Canouan Island is bordered by a gorgeous barrier reef on the Atlantic side and features many spectacular reefs and calm waters perfect for diving and snorkeling from a variety of points along its pristine coastline. The islands of Mustique, Bequia, and St Vincent are also all easily within reach, either by ferries, motor craft (where possible), or aircraft. There are only two Canouan Island hotels from which to choose, but your decision may be more difficult than you at first think. Both of these luxurious Canouan accommodations offer temping and alluring amenities and accommodations that will turn heads.

The Tamarind Beach Hotel and Yacht Club (pictured) is an elegant hotel located along Grand Bay Beach. Distinctive is almost not enough a word to describe this unique and stylish island hotel. The hotel is composed of 39 bungalow-style “hideaways” that are lushly appointed and feature broad balconies or porches with views of the sea. The walnut fixtures, tasteful art and furnishings, and relaxed and peaceful atmosphere make for a perfect place for a vacation, whether for friends or a couple on a romantic getaway. In the case of the latter, it is difficult to think of a much more romantic place to while away late night hours on the beach under the light of the moon. The staff is abundantly helpful and more than willing to arrange tours, equipment rentals for kayaking or snorkeling, or generally, anything else you may need assistance with. The guest services staff here is very experienced and can also help you arrange flights or ferries to other island like St Vincent or Union Island. Amenities include two restaurants, two bars, spa services, a dive shop, and concierge assistance. Of the two major Canouan accommodations, this is the least glitzy, but it is an amazing example of how nice the Canouan Island hotels are nonetheless.

Canouan Resort at Carenage Bay is the preeminent of the two Canouan hotels. The breadth of amenities and the luxury of the accommodations are simply difficult to rival, not just for the Tamarind Beach Hotel and Yacht Club, but also for luxury hotels on the other islands throughout the Grenadines. The resort itself is situated on 300 acres, making this the one and only choice for Canouan accommodations if you truly want to be able to escape off of the beaten path, and still remain within the vicinity of your hotel. There are 40 suites and villas that are elegantly appointed, each one offering spectacular and wide-open views of the sea. There are four restaurants where you will have the pleasure of enjoying both fine dining, international dishes that highlight the local seafood bounty, as well as casual dining options. The Villa Monte Carlo is a European-style casino located at the resort that is all kinds of fun for adults. Luckily enough there are babysitting services at the resort as well. You will also have personalized spa treatments at your disposal to go along with the amazing rooms, gourmet food, crystal blue waters, and white sandy beaches.

The Canouan Island hotels are few, but the choices that are here ensure that your vacation will be just about as idyllic as possible.

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