Vincy Mas

Vincy Mas is St Vincent and the Grenadines’ take on the Carnival festival. This island nation even celebrates Carnival in June and July as opposed to most other countries who celebrate the pre-Lenten festivities in February and March. What is the same with the Carnival festival in St Vincent are the widespread parties, dancing, singing, street parades, and lots of eating and drinking. This is a great time of the year to visit St Vincent and the Grenadines. You truly get to experience the most festive time of the year in this part of the Caribbean without the overcrowding that typically goes along with similar events in other tourist destinations.

The St Vincent Carnival is the largest celebration in St Vincent and the Grenadines, though the other inhabited islands including Mustique, Union Island, and Bequia also have their own Vincy Mas celebrations. No matter which island you end up choosing, you will definitely feel the elation and excitement if you travel to the Grenadines during this part of the year. The St Vincent Carnival generally takes place for two weeks beginning the last week of June and ending around July 6th. Guest accommodations on the islands fill up quickly so you will want to make your hotel reservations well in advance if possible. You should also know that just because you are traveling to the Grenadines during Vincy Mas, it does not mean that you will not also be afforded the opportunity of relaxing and enjoying privacy and serenity. The Carnival Festival in St Vincent generally takes place in the streets and there are of course concerts at venues and outdoors. You will, however, have no trouble locating a remote nook on one of the pristine beaches where you will hear nothing but the sound of the gentle waves crashing onto the shore.

One of the best things about Vincy Mas is the music and the dancing and competitions that take place during the two-week festivities. There are a wide variety of performances in venues and on the streets and guests of the island will be treated to the sounds of steel pan, Soca, Calypso, jazz and blues. There are band competitions, dance-offs, live concerts, and a range of other musical performances. If you wish, you can even jump on stage and sing and dance along. You will find that the atmosphere at the St Vincent Carnival is very laid back, and the rule is generally that anything goes. Besides lots of live music, street parades, and dance competitions, there are also fun activities like the Junior Carnival, the King and Queen of the Bands, and the Miss Carnival Beauty Show.

You will find lots of food and beverages at the restaurants and bars as well as local vendors serving up delicious seafood, Creole, and Caribbean dishes. Although this is a time of partying and celebration, there are plenty of activities at the St Vincent Carnival for the whole family. Parents can feel totally comfortable taking their kids to see the parades during the day, and then can go out together at night. If you plan to be in the Grenadines during this time of the year, you should consider traveling to several of the islands for their Vincy Mas celebrations. It is easy to take either ferries or a quick plane ride to Union Island, Mustique, Bequia, and Canouan.

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